The Wild Audience Team

That's Us.

So that's us.
(from left to right)

(German efficiency..)

(the man of the people, he's originally from Ecuador..)

And myself.
(I'm was born in Vienna but in my heart I'm actually latin..)

We are a remote team working from Spain & Germany.

Our HQ is in Barcelona. (currently..)

I thought I'll share some background stories about us..


Here are a few things you should know about me..

I love to dance :-)
(here's a video..)

Salsa & Bachata (sensual) in particular.

I'm also into Jazz music.

Especially while working.
(my Discover Weekly Spotify playlist is golden..)

I'm really good at timing my drip coffee (this one).

And when I was a kid, I wanted to become a kitesurf world-champion..

I'm still into kitesurfing & surfing..

But I also discovered how freaking cool planet earth is and became vegan as a result.

It's such a healthy & zen lifestyle, you should consider it.
(here are a few free resources to do your own research..)


Enough about me.

You can read my origin story here.


Hey, it's Daniel here..

There's this insider joke hunting me..

Perhaps, best explained by watching this video..

I was a consultant at Accenture for many years.

Until I quit in November 2016 to join the reign of freedom fighters.

Oh and, that was my first computer.

In other words..

I'm really into all things tech.

If you see Wild Audience drone footage somewhere around the web..

I was the pilot :-)

I put together a little page about me.

It's short & sweet.

Talk later!


James here..

I'm a retired business lawyer and political consultant who worked at El Equipo De Campaña before becoming an entrepreneur. 

For two years, I suited up every morning (here's an image) and worked directly with different presidential candidates (mainly at LATAM).

My main job was to run campaigns for governors and presidents.

It was something like the latin version of House Of Cards ..

Or at least that's the way I felt (lol!).


I also lead the Swing dance department at Wild Audience..

And I'm also really good at organizing Wild Audience surf trips.

If you ever need something..

I'm your man.

I run customer success at Wild Audience.

Want To Join Us?

Please don't send us a CV.

Instead, link to a few things you did in your life and what the results were.

Summary: What you did & what the results were.

That's it.

Email me.


In business, what’s dangerous is not to evolve. - Jeff Bezos
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