Scale your service business to 7-figures with a proven client acquisition system

Do you have a high-ticket service business?

Do you have a proven offer and a client success case study?

You have a 6-figure run rate (you make at least €8333/monthly) and want to scale to 7 or multiple 7-figures..

But you have hit a plateau.

You tried to overcome it for a few months..

But you're running in circles.

That's quite normal.

So what's the solution?

*Even guys like Ryan Deiss hit plateaus and become our clients

The solution is to figure out how to acquire customers at profit and scale.

The bad news is though..

This is really difficult.

It's possible.

But difficult.

It's hard work and you need to know what you're doing.

At Wild Audience, we have perfectioned our customer journey called Relationship Funnel and made it our mission to solve "the customer acquisition problem" for our clients.

A Relationship Funnel works like this..

It's a proven process that systematizes the way you attract, nurture and close customers.

Imagine your business experiencing a daily, constant & never-stopping stream of new leads..

Your team's calendar is fully booked to talk to prospects and close them on the phone..

Your ROI is doubling, tripling or even quadrupling..

High-ticket sales notifications showing-up on your phone on a daily basis..

Now how would that feel?

This is what we at Wild Audience would call leverage.

It's how we scaled many of our client's businesses to 7-figures & beyond.

It's how you truly step away from your business..

Build a team that follows your SOPs..

So that you can decide what you really want to work on.

That's our vision for you.

So, if you want to acquire more clients systematically, apply to work with us below.

Wild Audience Increased Sales & ROI For 224 Companies In 2018..

And 204 More Companies..


What Main Problem Does RF Accelerator Solve For My Business?

RF Accelerator Solves Customer Acquisition At Profit And Scale For Your Business To Be Able To Scale To 7-figures and beyond.

What are the next steps?

The next step is to complete Our quiz here to see how & if we can help you. If you qualify, you will be invited to jump on a discovery call with one of our team members to provide more information.

What Is RF Accelerator?

RF Accelerator is a 90-day consulting program consisting of private and group calls to help you build a system that allows you to acquire customers at profit and scale.

How much does RF Accelerator cost?

Pricing will be discussed on a call with one of our team members. We want to make sure that we find the perfect solution to your problem and that requires us to get to know you first.

What type of businesses Are a fit for RF Accelerator?

We are looking to work with high-ticket businesses that already have a client success case study and at least a 6-figure run rate.

What is a high-ticket business?

A high-ticket business for us is a business that has an average customer lifetime value of at least 2000€ ($). Or in other words, An annual contract value Of At Least 2,000€ ($).

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