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Most entrepreneurs rely on regular promotions, discounts, fake scarcity and product launches.

And I'm going to lump you in with them (for now)..


But don't worry..

I did too.

We all fall for the same promotion game..

You hear how someone does a gazillion dollar product launch..

And - of course - you want the same.

Don't get me wrong though..

Promotions, launches & discounts work..

Or let me re-phrase..

They used to work really well.

But there is a massive change earthquake on its way.

Promotions & launches require lots of work.

Earn less, not more.

They are not assets as they are not evergreen.

But why change something that has been your power horse for so long?

Well, Einstein once so eloquently put..

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results."

The insanity is to make your entire business's revenue dependant on that single launch or promotion.

Business is not Las Vegas.

Because sooner or later, you (or your system) will screw up..

Like everyone does..

I definitely did when I was riding the launch & fake scarcity wave..

Until I realized the insanity..

And changed my game.

Instead of building a business that is heavily based on monthly promotions..

Instead of discounts..

Instead of countdown timers..

Instead of fake scarcity (people are not stupid duh!)..

Instead of product launches..

I do something else.

It's something that is heavily based on human psychology.

It's deeply rooted in never-changing elements like..

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