Do you want to do sales at a startup in Barcelona?

Wild Audience is hiring a full-time sales person in Barcelona

Application Deadline: June 26th 2019

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Language: English

This role is for people who enjoy working with people.

You would talk to international companies over the phone and close them.

You would lead a full-cycle sales process and you are 100% in charge of it. 

You would do public speaking in front of 50-100 people every month and organize workshops about marketing automation.

You have at least one year of experience in selling.

You are physically based in Barcelona and speak English fluently.

What is Wild Audience?

We are a small team working to change how marketing & selling is done.

We do this through Respect-Based Marketing.

We sell high-ticket consulting services, SaaS software & we run an online member's club.

Perks & Benefits:

  • Location: Our team is based in sunny Barcelona. This is a full-time role based in Barcelona
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    Salary: 25,000€ per year (brutto). Plus bonuses. 
  • Holidays: 16 public holidays + 23 paid holidays + company holidays (Dec 24-Jan 1)
  • Surf Afternoon: If there are waves/wind (or any other sport you enjoy) and you want to go for a surf, take off and enjoy. You can always finish your work after ;-)
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    Learning & Development Stipend: To encourage our teammates to keep growing, we offer a stipend for continued learning (books & courses)
  • Team Retreats: Twice a year we go on an adventure trip (hiking, camping or surfing) with the team to bond & forecast the future
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    Office: Our office is located in the center of Barcelona with a 360 roof terrace with amazing views and sunsets
  • Fun: We do vegan lunches on our sunny roof terrace, sunset beers after work and monthly parties to meet others
  • Remote Work: You can work up to six weeks in one block per year remotely. Occasional work from home or extended weekends are no problem at all.
  • Transparency: You get insights into everything Wild Audience does and you're part of all decisions (new hires, process optimizations, feedback etc..)

How is success defined for this role?

Your role will be an absolute success if you are able to close enough deals every month (in English language) to hit your KPIs.


  • Respond to lead questions via email and get them to schedule a call with you:
    • Automated sales emails are sent to “sales qualified” leads in our database to get them to schedule a call with you
    • You need to respond to these emails with a prepared email template (this task is extremely fast and takes almost none of your time)
  • Jump on 6-8 inbound calls every day. Your calendar will look like this. Prospects schedule calls with you. You will never do outbound calls:
    • You are talking to prospects in English language
    • Calls are divided in three parts:
      • Qualification
      • Demo of the right offer
      • Close
    • You are capable to use our qualification question catalogue to really understand the prospects business, pain points and desires
    • After qualification is done, you figure out what offer is the right offer. We have different offers with different pricing. You offer the right offer to maximize revenue
    • You ask for the downpayment to move the deal forward
    • You handle all possible objections on the call
  • Keep following-up:
    • After the initial call, you keep following up. We currently do 2-3 follow-ups. We have prepared email templates for that. Your goal is to get the full-payment and close the deal.
    • Prospects will have objections which you answer via email or by recording a video
  • Keep your sales pipe always clean & up-to-date:
    • We use Close as our Sales CRM. This is the place where you update your deals, opportunities and call notes
    • The monthly pipeline always needs to be up-to-date as management will check it daily to get an overview for sales
  • Report your pipeline, closes & progress on a daily, weekly & monthly basis:
    • At Wild Audience, everything we do is based on data. We have set-up a robust reporting infrastructure for you to use.
    • You take the data from the CRM and fill out your reports on a daily, weekly & monthly basis so that management always has an accurate overview of our sales forecast.
  • Sales Process Optimization:
    • Identify operational roadblocks and come up with new ideas/resources to optimize our sales process
    • Interact pro-actively and identify non-performing assets like email templates or sales scripts and come up with improvement suggestions

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Main KPIs:
    • Your deal closing rate
    • Your down payment closing rate
    • Monthly Revenue: Did you hit your monthly revenue goal?
  • Secondary KPIs:
    • Reporting Accuracy: Is the CRM always up-to-date and reports are submitted on time?
    • Conversation Ease: How easy & fun is it to communicate with you inside our team?


  • You speak English fluently in a sales & business setting
  • You have gone through a sales position in the past (SDR or account manager/executive) and can demonstrate your numbers like closing rates, numbers of calls done & revenue generated
  • You sound great on phone and video camera to show expertise & carisma
  • You are able to hear “no” a lot and still stay enthusiastic & motivated
  • You can motivate yourself before calls to always show your best possible version of yourself to make the sales call the prospect’s best call of the week
  • You have very advanced conversation skills to be able to switch between soft conversation methods to connect with prospects and also more aggressive sales techniques to close deals
  • Able to understand and manage our sales tools with efficiency (fast learner)
  • Determine root cause of prospects problems & desires and develop innovative approaches quickly to move deals forward and close deals
  • You achieve success in sales conversations when obstacles or objections are presented by thinking out of the box and answering concerns eloquently
  • For Wild Audience team spirit is really important. You are a great team communicator and love to chat and hang-out with the team

Key Role Blend:

  • Sales
  • Public Speaking
  • Consulting (optional)

Job Description:

  1. This job offering is for people based in Barcelona. You have to work and live in Barcelona.
  2. This role is only for people who speak English fluently as you will will talk to international clients.
  3. We are remote friendly (you can work 6 weeks in one block remotely per year plus unlimited short-term remote sessions as long as company culture and team communication doesn’t suffer).
  4. Your salary is 25,000€ per year (brutto). Plus bonuses. 
  5. You will have revenue KPIs to reach every month.
  6. Wild Audience’s management checks in with you on a weekly basis (1:1 sessions) where you guys talk about your performance, you, your challenges & goals. We will coach & help you as much as possible on a personal & professional level

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