Eliminate every manual business, marketing & sales task and truly automate your business

What if you had an automation for every process in your business without building it from scratch?

Dear reader,

Ever felt annoyed manually hunting a client?

Or ever wondered how it really feels to create an SOP once and then automate it for good?

In case you wondered what SOP stands for..

SOP = Standard Operating Procedure

Now let me ask you..

When was the last time you took a few days off and all your business processes were still "shipping" & acquiring customers/clients?

We have 302 business automations & this is how you get access to master automation..

At Wild Audience with have 302 automations & processes implemented into our business..

.. Shipping output 24/7/365.

Let me ask you this..

How many automations do you have currently?
(automations for project management, new hire onboarding, customer acquisition, lead generation, customer onboarding etc..)

Maybe 7?

Or even 0..?

And let me tell you..

Creating automations, processes & SOPs is a lot of work..

Ask our CEO..
(he can probably sing a song by now lol..)

But once you have them installed..

Your business runs smoothly..

Leads are coming in consistently.

Sales calls are getting scheduled automatically.

Customer onboarding takes care of an excellent experience..

And your team knows what to do without your guidance..

The end result?

All of this generates you profits and allows you to take a step back from your business.

But the best part is..?

We want to give you access to all our automations & processes..

Here's what you get if you become an "Automation Rebel" today..

  • Weekly rebel calls (Hot Seats, Q&A Calls, Tech Input)
  • Monthly deep-dive revolution workshop (2-3 hours)
  • Access to the Wild Audience [SOP] Process Library
  • Work Critique Sessions (Automation Reviews, Tech Support)
  • Three automation roadmaps (Funnel Strategy [Pro], ActiveCampaign [Pro], Copywriting [Pro])
  • Private automation expert community
  • Access to our "Members Search" to network with other automation experts
  • Weekly "What's Working Right Now" Report

Automation Rebels is for..


Running your business is hard enough. Automate your customer acquisition at least


Stay on top of your automation game, get more clients & earn higher rates


Your goal is to improve your automation skills to get a promotion & earn more 

An expert community optimized to automate your customer acquisition & get back your time

"I'd love to be in a group that's on the pulse of what's working right now when it comes to automation." - Simon, Automation Rebel

This is us.

We are founders, consultants and marketing professionals who automate our businesses, processes & customer acquisition funnels to get back our time.

To be able to constantly evolve as an automation expert..

You get access to the latest best practise case studies, expert calls & deep-dive workshops to progress as an expert.

We are an automation collective.

And you are part of it.

We are rebels.

We are the best in what we do and we earn a living by automating our (clients) business.

But if you're reading this..

You want to know what's working right now.

You want someone to look over your automation implementations and get it reviewed for you.

You want input on technical problems when you're stuck.

You want to save time by downloading our SOPs to automate your business.

Or in other words..

You want to sell more, but automated.

All of this can be done as a collective.

What got started with passion for marketing-tech by our founder Bastián in Silicon Valley, is now a global rebel community of automation experts..

Here's what happens when you become an automation rebel..

Joining our expert community gives you access to automations for..

Automated Lead Generation

What if you could get 200 leads daily with just two hours of work per week?

Automate Customer Acquisition

We show you our best marketing & sales automations to nurture & acquire customers

Automate Sales Opportunities

Your calendar is fully booked to talk to prospects and close them on the phone..

Relationship Funnels

Explore how you can strategize your funnel flows to create beautiful customer journeys that convert

[SOP] Process Library

Get access to all our processes, automations & SOPs to directly install into your business

You get access to our network & resources immediately after joining our community..

  • Weekly rebel calls (Hot Seats, Q&A Calls)
  • Monthly deep-dive revolution workshop (2-3 hours)
  • Work Critique Sessions (Automation Reviews, Tech Support)
  • Access to the Wild Audience [SOP] Process Library
  • Three automation roadmaps (Funnel Strategy [Pro], ActiveCampaign [Pro], Copywriting [Pro])
  • Private automation expert community
  • Access to our "Members Search" to network with all automation experts
  • Weekly "What's Working Right Now" Report





Do you resonate with this below?

"A place where I can be inspired to create a better automation experience for my business & clients.."

"I love the technical support for automations and their integrations among platforms.."

"I love to be in a group that's on the pulse of what's working right now when it comes to automation.."

Why rebels around the world choose to join the revolution..



How is the community organized & managed?

The community is hosted on our web app and native mobile apps (iOS & Android). Inside the community you will meet Wild Audience team members like Bastian, Daniel & Emilie.

What do you get when you invest today?

Immediately after investing you get access to everything: Roadmaps, weekly calls, monthly workshops, work critique sessions, expert community, members search & recordings of all past workshops

Do you offer a free trial?

Nope. And we never had a problem with that.

How much does Automation Rebels cost?

Our monthly subscription is 147€ per month and is for a minimum of 3 months.

Do you offer refunds?

We don't offer refunds but you can cancel your subscription after the third month. Read our refund policy here.

What is Automation Rebels?

Automation Rebels is an online members club for automation experts that want to automate better to earn more.

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