What Success and Results Can I Expect When I Invest in RF Accelerator?

What Success and Results Can I Expect When I Invest in RF Accelerator?

Let’s begin this article with a philosophical question. What does successful entrepreneurship mean to you?

We’ve thought about this a lot and concluded that we think it looks something like this.

You wake up, check your phone and notice five calls on your sales calendar that came in overnight from someone in America. 

(The perks of working in multiple time-zones.) 

You grab breakfast, go for a run, and by the time you get back to your computer, you have another sales call booked from a prospect in Europe.

You can’t seem to escape a constant flow of people excited to get on a call with you.

Sounds great, right?

You might be wondering how those leads even found you. It’s all thanks to your automated sales funnel.

To us, success means being able to step away, without your business going up in flames. It means automating your systems to the point that you can focus on things other than sales and still expect to see a full sales calendar.

The alternative is feeling constantly overwhelmed by trying to find qualified prospects. Getting on sales calls with people who are clearly not your target audience. And not even knowing where to begin to reclaim your time with automated processes.

Not to mention, despite all of your efforts, there are still weeks when your sales calendar looks like this:

When you’re doing everything in the sales process yourself, you have no energy to manage other projects that will grow your business.

You can only work directly in your business for so long without burning out. You can’t afford to put off automation any longer.

This is the main problem that RF Accelerator aims to solve.

In this article, we’ll dive into the three main KPI’s that the program will help you achieve.

But before we talk about what results you’ll achieve with RF Accelerator, you need to know exactly what to expect before you join.

What is RF Accelerator?

RF Accelerator is our done-with-you group consulting program that helps move six-figure businesses to seven-figures and beyond. It helps businesses who earn at least $8,000 per month solve their customer acquisition challenges and begin attracting qualified leads at profit and scale.

When you join, you’ll have access to a 10-week hands-on program that will walk you through all of the steps you need to implement a Relationship Funnel and start seeing results.

The core of RF Accelerator is Relationship Funnel — our proven process that uses Respect-Based Marketing and systematizes the way you attract, nurture, and close customers.

You will also have access to three weekly group consulting calls with experts who will guide you through the steps of setting up an automated sales funnel.

These calls will focus on the strategy, technical implementation, and optimization techniques for your funnel. They are also an opportunity to ask questions about your specific funnel and learn how to make adjustments to your funnel every step of the way. After 10-weeks, you can expect your business to be on a direct path to 25k per month.

Once you join the program, you will retain lifetime access to the group consulting calls and past recordings. The enrollment process is ongoing, so whenever you decide to join, you can jump right in and get started immediately.

Who is RF Accelerator for?

So, you’re probably wondering what kind of businesses can get the most benefit from RF Accelerator. 

RF Accelerator is for businesses with a six-figure run rate and a customer lifetime value of at least 2,000, who don’t have an existing funnel.

The ideal business for RF Accelerator has a proven offer and at least one client success case study that shows that people are interested in your offer.

The methods we use in RF Accelerator are trusted by more than 500 customers who are actively implementing Respect-Based Marketing and Relationship Funnels into their business. 

Customers like Mirna who made 8x ROI within 2 months of working with us.

And Landon made back his entire investment and then some within 6 weeks. 

Influencers like Andre Chaperon, Todd Herman, and Bryan Harris all know about Respect-Based Marketing and use it to engage their audiences and build authority within their market.

Even Ryan Deiss is on board. 

What KPI’s will I hit during RF Accelerator? 

In RF Accelerator, you can expect to hit the following three KPIs.

  • A booked sales calendar
  • An increase in revenue from 6–7 figures
  • A return on your investment into the program

Let’s break down these three KPIs and show you what you can expect to achieve in the first three months of RF Accelerator.

  1. A Sales Calendar Fully Booked With Qualified Leads

Remember our ideal morning? The one where we wake up with calls already in our calendar? This is a direct result of building a proper Relationship Funnel.

Relationship Funnels are like sales funnels on steroids. They build relationships, trust, and install buying beliefs with your audience before selling to them.

Relationship Funnels take the guesswork out of prospecting. You’ll automatically know that the people who book a call on your calendar are people who will fully benefit from your offer and are eager to buy.

Not only that, but they are people who trust your brand and your message. This means that you’ll no longer have to spend time on the phone, convincing prospects that you are the best choice. Your funnel sequence will have already done that for you.

With a Relationship Funnel, you’ll see your conversion rates rise because your audience will actually be excited about buying your product.

When new, qualified leads are coming in on autopilot, your sales calendar will always look like this.

Are you ready for consistent calls with highly-qualified leads?

  1. An Increase in Business Revenue from 6 to 7 figures

When you have a calendar booked with qualified leads, it shouldn’t come as a shock that your revenue will increase. This is a direct result of building relationships with your audience until they are ready to buy.

So the second thing you can expect after investing in RF Accelerator is a boost in revenue. We help our clients reach 25k a month or more after 10-weeks in the program.

Now, we’re not selling a miracle hack that will get you to 7-figures overnight. But the automated processes you’ll put in place during RF Accelerator (using Wild Mail) will put your business in a position to acquire more customers at profit and scale.

Take a look at Justin. He increased his sales conversions by 6X and is on track to hit 7-figures just four months after implementing his Relationship Funnel.

RF Accelerator will help you define a unique mechanism and a belief system to ensure high conversion rates. Higher conversion rates mean more sales, which equals an increase in your revenue. Makes sense, right?

It worked for Mubaid who has a 9–10% sales funnel conversion rate.

We have more than 100 customer testimonials like this on our love page all raving about Relationship Funnels. Happy clients like Adam, who got these results after only four weeks of implementing a Relationship Funnel.

Are you ready to get results like this and watch your revenue soar?

Yes? Perfect!

Now, on to the final result, you can look forward to when you invest into RF Accelerator.

  1. Return on Investment

RF Accelerator will help you set up the systems you need to generate long-term ROI. We have templates for everything you need to attract qualified leads. When you learn how to accurately measure your results and course correct along the way, you’ll keep seeing results for years after you join the program. 

Let’s break it down further. If your product costs $6,000, then you only need to close two clients, and you break even on your RF Accelerator investment. For example, let’s say that Sarah currently receives eight leads per day and has an 0.4% conversion rate. Her average order value is $4,000, so her projected revenue is $46,720.

After implementing Relationship Funnel, we can estimate that her conversion rate will increase to at least 1.25% and result in revenue of $146,000.

Most of our clients get conversion rates as high as 2.20%, which would mean a revenue of $256,960! If you don’t invest in the automated systems, like the ones we’ll implement with RF Accelerator, you could be missing out on as much as $210,240 every year.

Aside from the ROI you’ll see in the first 3–6 months, it’s a long-term strategy that will allow you to scale your business and begin generating sustainable results long term.

During RF Accelerator, we’ll show you how your lead generation and costs can become predictable over time.

For example, if we spent about $1,700 on advertising and got 1,700 leads, and 121 of them schedule discovery calls, then we know that each of these scheduled calls has cost us $14. Based on our sales statistics, we also know that on average, we close every 3rd discovery call. This means that each customer we acquire costs us $42.

The challenge is to craft the right offer and position it correctly to your target audience. Then you can build out a belief system around that offer and map out your entire Relationship Funnel.

Still not convinced of the value? Let’s take a look at one of our successful client case studies.

Olly, the founder of I Will Teach You A Language signed up for Relationship Funnel Accelerator because he recognized the power of storytelling and Respect Based Marketing to reach his audience. It was through those same tactics that he was first exposed to Wild Audience, to begin with.

Olly already had a robust audience and more website traffic than he knew what to do with.

He wanted to see just how far he could scale his business by implementing Respect-Based Marketing tactics to engage his following and add consistent value to his customers.

After joining RF Accelerator and working with our team to implement a Relationship Funnel of his own, he saw a 30% increase in segmented leads and a 25% increase in revenue. He was also able to put together a Facebook Ad retargeting structure that improved the front-end conversion of his funnel.

In addition to the increase in revenue and segmented leads, one of the most significant takeaways he achieved were the systems that they put in place to automate this funnel and sales process. Olly knows that the systems he put into place during RF Accelerator can be replicated, at scale, every time they want to launch a new product in the future.

To summarize, here’s what Olly achieved after investing into RF Accelerator:

  • A 25% increase in revenue
  • A 30% increase in segmented leads
  • 3x increase in overall sales
  • A process for tracking and understanding his analytics
  • A Facebook Ad retargeting structure to improve front-end conversion

Final Thoughts

So, are you ready to start seeing leads coming in on autopilot and a fully booked sales calendar? How about taking your business from 6 to 7 figures and seeing ROI like never before? We thought so.

With the help of our experts, you could completely automate your sales process to acquire customers at profit and scale!

Here are some of the results we’ve helped our clients achieve: 

  • Adam has a 28% click-rate on his sales emails and converts 3.44% of his leads into paying clients.
  • Mike is seeing a 55% conversion on landing page. That’s nearly double the average rate! 
  • Olly increased his annual revenue by 25% with a new frontend funnel strategy. 
  • Thanks to his Relationship Funnel, Joe is making more than 1 million euro in revenue every single year. 

If you are still on the fence, we’re not offended. Checking out what a few more of our happy clients have to say might help make your decision a little bit easier.

If you read this article and thought, “why haven’t I done this sooner!?” schedule your discovery call here and find out if your business is a fit.