How RF Accelerator Helped Our Client Increase His Annual Revenue by 25% With a New Frontend Funnel Strategy

How RF Accelerator Helped Our Client Increase His Annual Revenue by 25% With a New Frontend Funnel Strategy

Company name: I Will Teach You a Language –
Location: – United Kingdom
Industry: Online Language Courses
Product purchased:  Relationship Funnel Accelerator
Rating: 5

Results Achieved

Olly Richards turned his language blog into a successful business selling language courses but was having a hard time increasing the lifetime value of his customers. He signed up for Wild Audience’s Relationship Funnel Accelerator to grow his backend funnel and turn his customers into repeat buyers.

Through RF Accelerator Olly achieved:

  • A 25% increase in revenue
  • A 30% increase in segmented leads.
  • 3x increase in overall sales
  • A process for tracking and understanding his analytics
  • A Facebook Ad retargeting structure toto improve front-end conversion
  • Systems that can be replicated with every new product they release

Who are you, and what do you sell?

Olly Richards is the founder of I Will Teach You a Language, a blog turned course provider aimed at helping people learn languages at different levels.

What started as a blog in 2013 has turned into a substantial following and customer base.

How did you find out about Wild Audience and what made you jump on board?

After hearing Bastian on a podcast, Olly resonated with Wild Audience’s Respect-Based Marketing strategies. It was similar to what he was already doing with IWTYAL but he knew Wild Audience could help them elevate their current strategy.

“Once a business gets to a certain level, you can’t work with generic advice anymore. I knew Wild Audience would understand the particular nature of my business and could look under the hood and make sense of the numbers.”

– Olly

What was the main problem you wanted to solve for your business?

Olly never had a problem attracting an audience and generating traffic to his website. He actually had more traffic than he knew what to do with.

The main problem he wanted to solve was to increase his customer’s lifetime value.

He had a lot of products that were selling rapidly, but he didn’t fully understand what the value ladder looked like. In other words, he wasn’t sure how best to offer his other products to existing customers (frequency, method etc).

Why did you want to solve it?

Olly recognized that the way we deliver our message to our audience was the same way he wanted to deliver his message to his own following.

He knew that businesses are grown on the backend, by using Relationship Funnels and Respect-Based Marketing tactics to retain customers and turn them into repeat buyers.

If you’re not familiar with Respect-Based Marketing, here’s a graphic describing how it works.

He also knew that constantly launching products to new audiences was unsustainable. He had never been able to offer a series of products on the backend.

What was it about Wild Audience that made you resonate with us and think that this looks like a good opportunity?

Olly was a huge fan of André Chaperon and had already used his methods to spruce up his email copy. And he got tremendous results from it. His emails open rates were 70-80% and click-throughs averaged at 10-20%.

So he didn’t need any convincing on the power of storytelling and Respect-Based Marketing.

That’s what drove him to invest more in learning how to create engaging, valuable content rather than using in-your-face scarcity tactics.

For Olly, RF Accelerator picked up where André left off. He needed to learn how to implement the more technical aspects of these strategies and incorporate them into email campaigns and funnels.

It followed the same respectful ethos that he had learned from André. RF Accelerator incorporated a more technical framework to help him reach the next level of his business.

What results did you achieve with RF?

During RF Accelerator, Olly saw a 30% increase in segmented leads by changing the opt-in process to ask subscribers for segmentation information at the point of signup.

Previously, subscribers needed to check their email after opting-in and take a quiz which would place them into the right email sequence.

Olly worked with the Wild Audience team to put proper tracking and analytics in place so that they could analyze traffic line by line. This allowed them to identify that nearly 50% of the leads were being lost in this opt-in process.

They also implemented a new retargeting sequence which led to a 3x increase in sales. Now everything they’re running on Facebook is more efficient and more profitable.

What exactly changed for you and your business?

Our team helped Olly look at every single thing they were doing in their marketing strategy in extreme detail.

This allowed him to pick up on where things were and weren’t working. It was information he had suspicions about before, but never had the hard data to prove it.

Now, for every new course or product they launch, IWTYAL can use this information to build out a process with a proven record of success.

As they grow, these systems will help them scale quicker and more efficiently.

How much revenue did you make before? How much revenue do you do now?

After optimizing their Facebook retargeting, and implementing frontend segmentation on their website, Olly saw a 25% bump in revenue.

And that was only from optimizing one of their courses. Olly can now apply this same strategy on the rest of the courses they offer and knows it will exponentially increase sales across his entire site.

What is your ROI now? What was your ROI before?

Olly saw a 30% increase in segmented leads after adjusting his opt-in strategy, which effectively made the leads more valuable.

Additionally, the processes that were put in place during RF Accelerator will work for them exponentially in the future. As IWTYAL continues to scale, their ROI on RF Accelerator will continue to grow for years to come.

Can you walk us through your Relationship Funnel

  • IWTYAL generates leads through Facebook Ads and organic traffic to their website and blog.
  • When users land on a blog post, they are asked to opt-in to a language guide by choosing the language they want to learn and at which level (beginner, intermediate or advanced).
  • Users are then automatically segmented into one of 36 email sequences that nurture the relationship.
  • At the end of the nurture sequence, subscribers are offered various courses related to the language they want to learn and their skill level.

Here’s a diagram detailing what a Relationship Funnel looks like.

How does the future look for your business? Where would you like to be in 3 years from now with RF?

For Olly, the most significant takeaway from RF Accelerator, (even bigger than the increase in revenue and lead retention) was the systems they were able to put in place.

He knows that these systems can now be replicated at scale whenever they launch a new product in the future.

For Olly being apart of RF Accelerator was about shifting his mindset to re-prioritize and optimize the fundamentals of his business.

Who should invest into RF Accelerator?

RF Accelerator breaks down all of the fundamentals any business owner needs to grow their business. That includes identifying your audience, values, and customer avatar and incorporating Respect-Based Marketing into your copywriting and sequencing.

These might seem like beginner lessons for new business. However, a lot of seasoned business owners skip these crucial steps at establishing a true relationship with their customers.

Olly believes that if you don’t take the time to learn the basics, you’re never going to connect with your customers the way that you need to make them sustainable long term.

The ideal candidate for the 90-day RF Accelerator program should already have a successful product or service that delivers proven results. They have created successful client case studies but are still struggling to acquire customers and increase profits at scale.

The ideal customer has a desire to grow to 7-figures or beyond and is willing to take concrete action and implement the systems outlined in the program.

RF Accelerator can help with the following:

  • Solving your customer acquisition problem
  • Systemizing customer acquisition at profit and scale
  • Attracting the right leads that will actually convert into customers
  • Increasing conversion rates
  • Lowering lead acquisition & customer acquisition costs
  • Gaining clarity & transparency over how much it costs to acquire leads, book sales calls and demos, and how much it costs to acquire customers
  • Providing a more personalized sales experience and customer journey by using advanced automation techniques (using Wild Mail)
  • Systemizing all marketing & sales processes to scale to 7-figures and beyond

Why would you recommend RF to other people?

Every business owner has blind spots. Things that they put off as being unimportant and that they will deal with later. If you want to grow, then at some point you need a second set of eyes to look at your numbers and give you a fresh perspective on details you were overlooking.

What type of results will a new client achieve if they follow the process and work hard?

RF Accelerator clients will receive guidance in figuring out the backend of their funnel. They will learn how to efficiently capture and segment leads, and use this information to create proper retargeting campaigns.

In addition to the technical steps, RF Accelerator will put in perspective the mindset needed to systemize your business in order to replicate it to scale in the future.

You will create an evergreen funnel that can be replicated across everything you do in your business.

Here are just a few of the incredible results our clients achieved through RF Accelerator:

That could be you.

Click here to learn more about RF Accelerator, and to find out if you are a fit.