How RF Accelerator Helped Our Client Close $20k in Sales Instantly with a New Offer Strategy

How RF Accelerator Helped Our Client Close $20k in Sales Instantly with a New Offer Strategy

Company Name: The Sales Gorilla (Silverback Media)
Location of Client: United States
Industry: Coaches and Consultants
Product Purchased: Relationship Funnel Accelerator
Rating: 5 Stars

Results Achieved

John Davie and Landon Porter had a profitable coaching business, but although they were bringing in a good amount of leads, they weren’t getting as many sales as they wanted. John and Landon signed up for Wild Audience’s Relationship Funnel Accelerator and by taking action, they achieved the following results :

  1. Around $20k in sales from adjusting their offer to better match customer needs by including coaching.
  2. Closed $10k in sales in one month from cold traffic with only $3,482 in ad spend.
  3. 70% email open rates and 45-60% click through rates from engaged community members.
  4. 45-60% email open rates and 6-25% click through rates from cold traffic resulting in 19 booked calls (4% conversion rate)

Who are you and what do you sell?

John Davie and Landon Porter sell a process that helps coaches and consultants get high paying clients without being salesy. They do this by teaching their clients how to build strategic relationships that help automate the lead generation process for high ticket sales.

What was the main problem you wanted to solve for your business?

John and Landon felt like their lead generation campaigns were working well (around $2.30 a lead), but they struggled to convert leads into sales.

John and Landon wanted to improve the following:
1. Funnel Sales Conversion Rates
2. Revenue
3. ROI

Why did you want so solve it?

Having low conversion rates was frustrating for John and Landon because they were spending a lot of money on ads to attract leads. They were also spending a lot time doing webinars, but weren’t getting enough appointments from them.

Thus their return on ad spend (ROAS) was lower than desired. Getting customers felt difficult and they knew their current approach was not scalable.

John and Landon felt stuck and wanted to create a better sales process so that he could start moving towards their goal of owning a 7-figure business.

What made you resonate with Wild Audience and think that this was the right opportunity?

John and Landon wanted to implement a more automated process to attract the ideal prospects, build relationships and turn cold prospects into paying customers.

The main driver for wanting to work with a coach one-on-one was having guidance. They had purchased Wild Audience’s Relationship Funnel course in 2016 and decided to sign up for RF Accelerator in 2018 to boost their results even further.

John and Landon knew that having a mentor to keep them accountable and review the execution would result in faster implementation. And if they could get the whole system running on autopilot, there was no reason not to invest in coaching.

Having someone tell us exactly what to do saved us so much time. The automations are pre-built, so we just had to go in and edit them. With coaching, getting everything set up was easy and the speed of implementation was fast.– John Davie

Can you walk us through your  Relationship Funnel?

The first step was to pinpoint the audience that The Sales Gorilla wanted to get into the funnel. Belief mapping was super helpful for developing their messaging for both emails and Facebook.

The goals was to attract cold traffic and install the right buying beliefs in them so that they were ready to purchase the product that would help them get the results they wanted.

John and Landon said that having someone to tell them exactly what to do saved a lot of time. The Wild Mail automations were pre-built, so he just had to go in and edit them. With coaching, getting everything set up was easy and the speed of implementation was fast.

What results did you achieve with RF?

The Sales Gorilla implemented Relationship Funnel and through surveys and digging through the data, they discovered that they weren’t attracting the right people.

Most people in that were coming into the group were beginners. They needed to target people who are already getting clients, but need help taking their business to the next level.

The Relationship Funnel system allowed The Sales Gorilla to target the right audience. Using surveys allowed them to learn more about their audience so that they could send them personalized content tailored to their needs.

 Here’s a diagram that shows what a Relationship Funnel looks like:

By implementing Wild Audience system, they also discovered that their ideal customer was more interested in coaching than in the course.

Wild Audience helped them create a new offer strategy and The Sales Gorilla introduced a new coaching offer that generated 20k in sales from 8-12 customers.

Introducing the new offer was a win-win situation.

John and Landon got more data and feedback by working directly with their clients and the clients got more one-on-one coaching time.

To sum it up…

  • Using surveys allowed The Sales Gorilla to gain data driven insights and use the information to attract higher quality leads
  • They instantly generated around $20k in revenue by introducing a product that was better aligned with customer expectations
  • They generated 1,326 leads in one month from cold traffic which resulted in 35 booked calls and around $10,000 in sales. With $3,482 in ad spend, this translated into $6,518 in revenue.
  • Customer feedback allows them to continue to improve the funnel
  • Email automation with Wild Mail allowed them to build relationships on autopilot so they can focus on growing the business
  • They now have a proven system that they can scale in the future.

What is your conversion rate?

The Sales Gorilla has tested multiple email sequences and continues to improve them. One of their sequences resulted in 19 booked calls when targeting cold traffic.

Their initial email went out to 469 people, so that’s about a 4% book rate, which is significantly better than the industry average of 1-2%.

Going through survey data let them iterate not only the front-end messaging and positioning, but the backend as well to send people to a webinar or book higher ticket coaching.

Anything else that changed?

Focusing on the numbers has allowed John and Landon to create high performing emails and content that get great email open and click rates. Testing these Relationship Building Sequences with cold traffic increased John and Landon’s confidence in their system and their ability to attract and sell to the right people.

Another big benefit of implementing Relationship Funnel is that their process is much more automated now. Before, John and Landon were relying on Facebook Live sessions to bring in new clients.

Now, instead of repeatedly doing live webinars, they use email automation to send content to new prospects regularly. Prospects can book a call when they are ready by simply clicking a link in their email.

What are your lessons learned from this experience?

You’re not going to get it right the first time. Test, adjust and re-iterate continually. If you can test it in your Facebook group or community, it helps. But the real test is if you can take cold traffic and convert it.

A few other key lessons:

  • You need to gather data on your audience to make smart business decisions. Not only do you need data, but you also need the right data.
  • Doing it yourself is always going to be harder than having a mentor walk you through it.
  • Make sure that you have a solid and strong offer that is going to convert and work for your audience. The Sales Gorilla tested their offer so that it was strong enough to convert cold traffic.

The ideal situation was to build an automated funnel that automatically built a relationship with the customer and let them know clearly who we are and what we do. We wanted it to be a no-brainer for them to buy by the time the prospect reached the end of the funnel. Ideally, we wanted to be able to bring cold leads into the funnel and turn them into customers at the end. – John Davie

How does the future look like for your business?

John and Landon have tested and built multiple Relationship Building Sequences, which include emails to engage and sell to their audience.

Their short term goal is to continue improving those sequences by incorporating changes to their sales page to filter out clients that aren’t a good fit.

The long term goal is to continue to grow the business and revenues and move towards the dream goal of owning a 7-figure business.

Who should invest in RF Accelerator?

According to John and Landon, someone who wants to build a relationship with their audience and make sure they are the right fit should invest in RF Accelerator. Someone who wants to solve customer acquisition problems, make sure their system is profitable and scale their business to 7-figures in an automated fashion will benefit from RF Accelerator.

The ideal client for the 90-day RF Accelerator program should already have a successful product or service that delivers proven results. They should have client case studies to back up their success, but are still struggling with scaling profits and acquiring the right customers.

The ideal customer should also have a desire to grow to 7-figures or beyond and be willing to take action and implement the system. RF Accelerator can help businesses achieve the following:

  • Target the right customers and avoid attracting low paying clients
  • Systemize and scale the customer acquisition process
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Reduce lead and customer acquisition costs
  • Improve clarity and speed of implementation through coaching
  • Improve engagement from the community by providing a more personalised experience using automation (Wild Mail)
  • Create systems and processes to scale your business to 7-figures and up

Do you feel like your business has hit a ceiling in terms of growth and income?

Then check out RF Accelerator to learn more about our proven process for scaling and automating businesses.  

What type of results will a new RF Accelerator client achieve if they follow the process and work hard?

Relationship Funnels have already helped dozens of businesses scale their revenue growth by 2-5x or more.

Check out these examples and client success stories:

Justin boosted his sales conversion rate from 0.5% to 2.5% (a 5x increase) and boosted his sales revenue from 500 euros per customer to 800 euros per customer (an increase of 60%).

Adam got 1,800 leads into his funnel using Facebook retargeting and organic traffic with 28% of readers visiting his sales page and 3.44% converting into paying customers.

Mubaid’s has an incredible 90-95% email open rate and his sales funnel converts and 9-10%.

Want to see more?

Check out our love page to see results other businesses have shared with us after they implemented Relationship Funnels into their business.

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