How We Helped Our Client Increase His Sales Conversion Rate By 6X With Relationship Funnel

How We Helped Our Client Increase His Sales Conversion Rate By 6X With Relationship Funnel

Company Name: Superhero –
Location of Client: Holland, Netherlands
Industry: Career coaching for young professionals
Product Purchased: Relationship Funnel and Funnel Fuel
Rating: 5

Results Achieved

Justin Junier had a profitable coaching business, but was struggling with low conversion rates and wanted to generate more leads. He signed up for Wild Audience’s Relationship Funnel and after taking action, he achieved the following results :

  1. Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR): 10,000 Euro (6-figure business)
  2. Sales Conversion Rate from 0.5% to 2.5%
  3. Lead CPA (acquisition cost) decreased from 2 Euros to 1 Euro
  4. CLV increased from 500 Euro to 900 Euro
  5. New Client Case Studies published jumped from 1/month to 4/month

Who are you and what do you sell?

Justin Junier is the founder of Super Hero, which offers career coaching for young professionals. His main product is a 3-4 month coaching program combined with an online course. The goal of the program is to give people more self-confidence and clarity with what they want to do with their work lives.  

How did you find out about Wild Audience and what made you jump on board?

Justin saw a Wild Audience Facebook ad that said, “Do you want your funnel to convert at 8%?”

His funnel was converting at 0.5% so he was definitely interested.

“If you really want to serve your customers in the right way, you need to have a great Relationship Funnel.” – Justin Junier

What was the main problem you wanted to solve for your business?

Justin had a sales funnel, but it was only converting at 0.5%. He was spending money on ads and talking to people, but he was not happy with his conversion rates and the amount of sales he was getting.

He was looking to improve the following KPIs:

  1. Funnel Sales Conversion Rate
  2. Number of Leads
  3. ROI

Why did you want so solve it?

Having a low conversion rate was frustrating for Justin as he was spending money to get leads and people weren’t converting. Even though he was making money, he wasn’t satisfied with results and knew he could do better.

In fact, his goal was to scale the business to 7-figures in annual revenue.

Justin also felt like he needed coaching to get clarity on his goals and be able to take action faster. The Wild Audience vision fit into where he wanted the business to go.

What was it about Wild Audience that made you resonate with us and think that this looks like a good opportunity?

Justin told us that the webinar and email sequence felt different than other sales funnels that Justin had been through. He felt that Wild Audience understood his pains and desires, so that was the main factor in his decision to purchase. After reading some testimonials and seeing results other people achieved, he was even more convinced.

What results did you achieve with RF?

Superhero’s monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is now around 10,000 euro per month. That’s a six-figure run rate!

He grew conversion rates from 0.5% to 2.5% (a 5x increase) and the average customer lifetime value is now 800-900 euros, which is up from 500 euros before, which represents roughly 35- 40% increase in revenue per customer.

His lead acquisition cost also dropped from 2 euros per lead to around 1 euro.

Superhero also gets an average of 4 new case studies each month, up from one a month from before.

To sum it up…

  • 5x increase in sales funnel conversion rates
  • 35-40% increase in revenue per customer
  • Lead acquisition cost reduced by 50%
  • 4x increase in case studies each month

How much revenue did you make before? How much revenue do you do now?

The average customer paid under 500 euros before, but we helped Justin ramp it up to 800 euros. That allowed Superhero to make more money per customer which resulted in a 60% increase in sales. Justin was under pricing his product before, but because he had created a better marketing experience, he felt confident with increasing his prices.

His monthly recurring revenue (MRR) has risen to around 10k euros per month. This represents about a 3-4x increase in revenue from before!

What is your ROI now? What was your ROI before?

His cost per lead was around 2 euros before, but now it’s closer to 1 euro. So we basically cut his acquisition cost in half.

Justin wrote completely new copy based on Wild Audience templates to run new PPC campaigns. Superhero is now only running one ad on Facebook and one ad on Instagram. The targeting is much better due the input he received from Wild Audience. It allowed Justin to really focus on improving his metrics. He has clarity and transparency now on how much it costs him to acquire leads, book sales calls and acquire customers. Knowing these acquisition costs for each event are crucial for scaling any sales funnel and hitting 7-figures or multiple 7-figures.

Superhero achieved over a 3x increase in ROI. They achieved this by cutting down customer acquisition costs and making more money per customer in sales. There is a video recording of the funnel that achieves these results below.

Conversion rate before & after?

Superhero’s conversion rate rose from 0.5% to 2.5-3%, so 5x to what it was before.

The main things that Superhero did to increase conversion rates were dialing into the right beliefs and diving into the right objections. They used questionnaires to personalize emails to their readers so that readers received different case studies and email copy based on who they were, what their problems were and what type of desires they have.

People even emailed Justin saying that they felt like he knew them inside-out and even asked to buy his product.

The improvements that Justin applied were based on Wild Audience’s Relationship Funnel. Relationship Funnels outperform typical sales funnels because they focus on building a relationship with your audience.

High ticket businesses that are already getting customers can improve their results by segmenting their audience into buckets based on what they are interested in.

Then use marketing automation to send them content targeted specifically to their interests. Marketing automation tools like Wild Mail make it possible for businesses to scale relationship building automatically and grow revenues to the 7-figure levels and beyond.

A typical Relationship Funnel looks like this:

You can learn more about Relationship Funnels and how businesses use them to scale their revenue by reading this article.

Anything else that changed?

The automation combined with the personalization made things 10x better than before according to Justin. Justin had more confidence and trust into his marketing & sales process and was not dependant on hope marketing anymore. Especially because paying customers were actually coming out of his Relationship Funnel after Justin spent money on ads.

It also allowed him to systematize other parts of his business. Justin hired two coaches for his clients and the workflows got so much better.

“It’s become less feeling like “I am the business” to feeling like “I’m working on the business”. My mindset has shifted more towards developing systems for my business whereas before I was more focused on directly operating my business.” – Justin Junier

Can you walk us through your Relationship Funnel?

His Relationship Funnel Reverse-Engineered:

  1. Superhero’s Facebook ad attracts their target audience
  2. The ad takes people to a lead magnet where they can sign-up for an email course. When opting-in, a survey places readers into buckets so that Superhero can send them personalised emails.
  3. Email workflow starts in Drip (you can use whatever ESP you choose). Depending on how high the engagement is, readers get different emails. If readers are semi/or a bit engaged but not converted to customers yet, then Superhero sends them into a second email sequence.
  4. Customers can schedule a sales call and sales calls are tracked in Asana. A link in the email (which is only shown to readers that are highly engaged) takes them to a Typeform survey where they can share their dreams and pain points. This information gives Justin a good foundation on how to close them on the call.
  5. After the call, Justin gives the prospect a day or two to think about if they want to join. Then he sends them a link to purchase a slot in the program. Once they complete payment, they are in the program.

In the coaching industry, usually less than 50% of people show up for the first call and only 20% close. But for Superhero, 80-90% of people who filled out the form show up for the first call and over 50% of those people convert into paying customers.  


Justin was able to achieve these amazing results because he focused on Respect-Based Marketing, which focuses on building relationships instead of selling first. And the best part is that these relationships can be built on autopilot with email and marketing automation.

How does the future look like for your business? Where would you like to be in 3 years from now with Relationship Funnels?

Justin is on track to grow to about 400 clients or 250,000 euros in revenue. If things continue to go well, 500 clients is achievable (500,000 euros in revenue). Compared to a year ago, Justin’s business growth is at least 5-7x revenue growth.

Who should invest into Relationship Funnels?

According to Justin, businesses that sell high ticket offers (like consulting, coaching, trainings etc..) and are stuck in the 6-figure range, but want to grow to 7-figures and beyond should invest into Relationship Funnels. The ideal client of our 90 day program called RF Accelerator should already have a successful product or service with customer case studies to back it up, but is still struggling to acquire customers at profit and scale.

RF Accelerator can help with the following:

  • Solving your customer acquisition problem
  • Especially, systemized customer acquisition at profit and scale
  • Attracting the right leads that will actually convert into customers
  • Improving low conversion rates
  • Decreasing lead acquisition & customer acquisition costs
  • Getting clarity & transparency over how much it costs to acquire leads, how much it costs to book sales calls and demos, and how much it costs to acquire customers
  • Providing a more personalized sales experience and customer journey by using advanced automation techniques
  • Systemizing all marketing & sales processes to scale to 7-figures and beyond

Businesses that feel like they are stuck and want to implement a proven system to scale their business on autopilot should check out RF Accelerator.  

What type of results will a new client achieve if they follow the process and work hard?

Dozens of successful businesses have used Relationship Funnels to grow their business by 2-5x or more.

Some examples of results clients have achieved include:

  • Mirna invested $1300 into ads and generated $9,000 back within 30 days of running her very first Relationship Funnel. She’s on target now to hit 7-figures soon!
  • Joe generates now more than 1 million euro in revenue every single year with his Relationship Funnel. Here you see his current month’s sales pipeline of 310,000 Euros.
  • Niklas who is currently buying sales calls for 300 Euros through PPC campaigns and is converting 2 in 3 calls to meet with him personally to close 300,000 Euro deals.
  • Mubaid, who is getting a 9-10% sales funnel conversion rate.
  • Adam who is getting an impressive 28% click-rate from his sales emails to his sales page and in total converts 3.44% of his leads into paying clients.

Need more proof?

Check out our love page to see what kind of results people have achieved by implementing Relationship Funnels into their business.

Need help getting more leads or improving conversion rates?

Relationship Funnels are a proven system created by Wild Audience to help businesses solve their customer acquisition problem and scale their growth by automate their relationship building.

Do you feel like you’re spending a lot of money on ads, but getting low ROAS?

Are you struggling to get your calendar booked with sales calls or close deals on the phone?

Is your math simply not working out and you’re not acquiring customers at a profit and thus you can not scale things probably up?

Or maybe you’re frustrated because no matter what you try, your business just isn’t growing.

We know that feeling.


Relationship Funnels could be the solution that you are looking for…

Relationship Funnel Accelerator is our done-with-you 90 day program to ensure your success and solve your customer acquisition problem.

Are you ready to scale your business to 7-figures or multiple 7-figures?

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