[Breakdown]: How This 7-Figure Online Business (VideoFruit) Acquires New Leads And Customers with Smart Marketing

[Breakdown]: How This 7-Figure Online Business (VideoFruit) Acquires New Leads And Customers with Smart Marketing


  1. [Tip 1]: The 5-Step Value Ladder You Can Base Your Business On
  2. [Tip 2]: How To Engineer Lead Generation Through Free Tools
  3. [Tip 3]: Give your readers massive value & epic content to wow and attract them into your sphere
  4. [Tip 3]: Use the power of free software for lead generation
  5. [Tip 4]: Give your leads detailed and actionable advice and takeaways to warm ready them for the sale
  6. [Tip 5]: Provide a consistent content spiel to transform even slow lane leads into paying customers
  7. [Tip 6]: Have a clear clarity throughout all channels to make it easy for potential customers to exactly know what they can expect and how you can help them
  8. [Tip 7]: If you want to sell high ticket offers you need to change the selling environment

This article is for entrepreneurs who want to learn how one of the most successful online businesses – VideoFruit – operates to attracts 1000s of customers, generate millions and is one of the main marketing authorities on this planet.


Let’s go!

[Tip 1]: The 5-Step Value Ladder You Can Base Your Business On

Before building a sales funnel, you should understand the concept of the “value ladder”. I learned this concept from Russell Brunson.

The value ladder is your big-picture zoomed-out funnel strategy.

As people “ascend” your value ladder, they’re offered more value. However, this value comes at a price ($).

A value ladder usually looks like this:

  1. Lead Magnet
  2. Frontend Funnel
  3. Core Funnel
  4. Backend Funnel
  5. Continuity Funnel

How does VideoFruit’s value ladder look like?

  1. Lead Magnet: Blog & Free Tools
  2. Frontend Funnel: Rabid List Building
  3. Core Funnel: Get 10,000 Subscribers
  4. Backend Funnel: 10ksubs Elite
  5. Continuity Funnel: Slingshot

Let me walk you through their value ladder now..

1) Lead Magnet:

A lead magnet acts as a magnet to attract your ideal customer. It’s important to understand that a lead magnet is not only a magnet but also acts as a filter. It filters wrong people out and pulls the right people closer to you. A lead magnet is usually a PDF and can be downloaded for an email address in exchange (it doesn’t cost anything).

You drive traffic to your lead magnet with the goal to get people to enter their email address in exchange for the lead magnet.

VideoFruit seems to base their traffic game mainly on free traffic (SimilarWeb).

So how does VideoFruit’s lead magnet look like?

They write awesome & actionable blog posts to attract people from Google.

This one for example.

With exact 8,000 words & 99 comments, countless of screenshots & awesome takeaways, this article seems to perform well.

If I search on google for “how to launch an online course” (which is one of their main customer avatars), I can find this article on page 1.

These are their traffic stats I pulled from SemRush.

Not too bad.

The most important part of the article is their content upgrade though..

The content upgrade is a piece of content (PDF or tool for example) that extends the blog post. Someone who actually read the article & is interested in its content, will naturally sign-up as the content upgrade is the logical next step.

It looks like this..

Once you sign-up, an automated email using tools such as Wild Mail gets triggered & you get access to the blog post’s member’s area..

This marks the entry point into the VideoFruit world and their funnel will play out..

Blog -> Free Email Course -> Rabid List Building Course (Paid) ->  10kSubs (Paid) -> SlingShot (Recurring Payment) -> Coaching (Recurring Payment)

VideoFruit tries all kinds of different traffic strategies & lead magnets. But their blog seems to be one of their best performing one. They also engineered lots of free tools to generate leads. These tools act as a lead magnet as well. I wrote an entire tip about this here. But let’s continue with the frontend now.

2) Frontend Funnel

After someone opts-in through one of VideoFruit’s lead magnets, an email sequence plays out.

This sequence is the same email sequence that gets triggered if you opt-in on their main homepage or their product page.


Products (& Value Ladder):

This email sequence is a 6-lesson free email course to teach people how to grow an email list.

It’s important that this free course is 100% aligned with the core product and the frontend.

The frontend product is called “Rapid List Building System” and sells for $X.

The sales funnel that sells the frontend is an evergreen sales funnel. The core product (which we’re gonna talk about in a second) on the other hand is sold via an open/close launch model a few times a year (I think Bryan launches Get 10,000 Subscribers two times per year).

How does this evergreen sales system look like?

It’s an email automation consisting of 6 emails. You can check out all 6 emails here:

  1. Email 1
  2. Email 2
  3. Email 3
  4. Email 4
  5. Email 5
  6. Email 6

What You Need To Know About Email Sequences:

  • The goal should be to install buying beliefs and ready leads for the conversion event
  • The goal should not be to sell the product per se, but instead to establish a relationship, create trust & authority and install all necessary beliefs so that someone can accept the desire or need of your product or service.
  • Once all beliefs are installed, the lead is “read” and can move on to the conversion event (sales page, VSL, webinar etc..)


 [Tip 2]: How To Engineer Lead Generation Through Free Tools

What’s the idea here?

Build free online tools that solve problems your ideal customer have.

Companies like HubSpot, Shopify or Buffer play the same game. They all engineer free tools to generate leads for their core products.

For example: Buffer sells awesome Social Media software. They decided to create a free but helpful tool to create beautiful social media images called Pablo.

When building your own free tools, make sure to follow these simple rules:

  1. Give users an immediate payoff. It should only take seconds for them to actually get value from your tool.
  2. Make your tool relevant to your core business. Your goal is to turn the people using your free tool into paying customers later on. If you build tools that attract the wrong people, you will have a problem.
  3. Give people something of real value. Even though the tool is free, people should see actual returns from using it.

So, what tools did VideoFruit engineer to generate leads for their business?

They have created a lot of free tools over the last few months:

  1. ListGoal
  2. SmartBribe
  3. Email Service Picker

Let’s talk about ListGoal real quick.

Bryan Harris (CEO of VideoFruit) wants to sell his core offer which is (at the time I write this) Get 10,000 Subscribers and his coaching services.

Most of his offers are all about email marketing and how to grow an email list.

It makes sense for him to build free tools.