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Wild Audience Vivid Vision

Date in the future: December 31st 2021

Hi, it's Bastian..

A couple of weeks ago (at the time I write this), I went over to France to spend 4 days in the wildness of Brittany. 

It's the cold and northwesternmost region of France facing the rough Atlantic ocean.

I spent most of my time wondering around, trapped in my mind..

Using the present to put me into the future.

3 years from today.

Covering all aspects of my business.

And this is what I came up with..

The following is Wild Audience’s Vivid Vision..

Creating a Vivid Vision brings the future into the present, so we can have clarity on what we are building now.

You can download our Vivid Vision here or use the PDF player below.

Bringing the future into the present
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