What To Expect On The Wild Audience Discovery Call

What To Expect On The Wild Audience Discovery Call


So you’re interested in working with Wild Audience to level up your business? That’s great! If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably read all about it, seen a fit, and booked your discovery call.

If we’ve gotten ahead of ourselves, we’d love for you to get to know RF Accelerator a bit better and see if it’s right your business by clicking here.

If you’ve filled out the form and booked the call, you might be anxious about what’s to come. We’re here to put your mind at ease and walk you through what you can expect on your discovery call. We’ll break down what’s covered on the call so you can be fully prepared and get the most out of your time.

Discovery call breakdown:

1. Getting to know you and your business

The first thing we’ll want to know when the call starts, is how you found out about Wild Audience. We market on a lot of channels including Facebook Ads, social media, and on our blog. We also have a lot of clients, past and present, that talk us up to their friends, like Felipe.

We want to know how you learned about us so we can continue to serve other businesses like yours.

Then, while we’re at it, we’d love to know WHY after learning about us, you decided to take action. What about your exposure to Wild Audience caught your attention and led you to book the call?

Ok, now we’re done talking about ourselves and asking you about us. It’s time to talk about YOU and YOUR business.

At this point in the call, we’ll dive into what you offer, your business model and your target audience. We want to get to know the inner workings of your business.

We’ll ask you to walk us through your current sales process. 

Here is where you get to brag about how you’re currently bringing in leads and what you do to close those leads. 

It’s also the time to tell us about any automation you have in place that help save you time during your sales process. These automations could include a call scheduler you use or any specific parts of your funnel that are automated to bring in new leads and sales.

Once you find new leads, how do you nurture those leads? Let us know what you do to build a relationship and trust with your audience.

Next, we’d like you to get a little vulnerable with us. We need to know your biggest business struggles in order to understand how best we can help. Do you find it challenging to find new leads in general? Or maybe you have a steady flow of leads, but your sales call calendar still looks like this. 

One of the biggest challenges we run into is that businesses get steady lead flow, and even get prospects to book calls, but don’t have the right processes and scripts in place to close those leads on the phone.

Luckily, we can help with all of those challenges.

The purpose of this part of the call is to get to know you and your business. If you can’t answer some of the questions, that’s completely okay! 

We’re here to walk you through them, and see where there are gaps that we could fill with RF Accelerator.

2. Determining if your business is a good fit for Wild Audience

Now that we know a little bit more about your business, it’s time to determine if Wild Audience is a good fit for your business, at its current stage.

The first step to determining if RF Accelerator is a fit for you is to assess your revenue. In this program, we work with businesses who are earning €8000 per month but still haven’t implemented a funnel. 

Our clients also have proven case studies that show that customers are already willing to invest in their product or service. We can see real results that they’ve helped customers achieve.

To get an idea of what we mean by a successful client case study, here’s an example of one of our client case studies.

In addition to your CLV and client success stories, we’re going to talk revenue. Since we tend to work only with high-ticket businesses who are earning at least six figures, we need to look at your current revenue to determine if it’s a good fit.

Here’s an example of businesses that we’ve helped grow using RF Accelerator and Relationship Funnels.

We also want to know what is it that you want for your business. Is your ideal situation to have a predictable lead flow, like this?

You might have great leads coming in regularly, but you’re looking to acquire them at lower costs to enable you to scale.

Or it could be that you have a solid offer and stand behind your business, but your sales calendar is empty. You want your sales call calendar to look like this:

Regardless of the challenges your business is facing, RF Accelerator uses our proven methods of using Respect-Based Marketing and Relationship Funnels to help you grow your business at profit and scale.

3. How Respect-Based Marketing & Relationship Funnels can help you

We want you to have all the information you need to feel comfortable investing in RF Accelerator.

That’s why the next part of the call will walk you through our Relationship Funnel.

We’ll show you how we can customize your lead’s journey and install buying beliefs through Respect Based Marketing.

We will also show you how your lead generation and costs can become more predictable.

For example, we spent about $1700 on advertising and got 1700 leads, and 121 of them schedule discovery calls, then each of these scheduled calls have cost us $14. Then we can also conclude that we close every 3rd discovery call. This results in each customer acquisition costing us $42.

The challenge is to take the right offer and position it correctly to your target audience. Then we want to build out a belief system around that and map it out to your funnel.

We have new members joining daily, so we’d like to know how immediate your need is to build a customer acquisition funnel. Are you ready to start next month? In a few months? Or maybe you need to put a few more things in place and will be at a better place to begin next year.

Introducing RF Accelerator Program

We want to make sure you have enough information to make an informed decision. On the call we’ll break down everything you can expect from RF Accelerator, depending on which one is right for you. 

RF Accelerator is a group consulting program where you will join a weekly group consulting call to discuss strategy, technical aspects of the campaigns and receive support for optimizing your funnel. 

Here’s what you can expect during your time in RF Accelerator.

Access to our all of our resources, as well as  weekly consulting calls to help you implement the strategies you learn and measure your results. The purpose of RF Accelerator is to get you started automating your customer acquisition process at profit and scale. 

The program starts as soon as you sign up and lasts a lifetime, giving you continued support. 

From here onwards everything is profit!

Check out the results one of our clients achieved in this successful client case study.

You can learn more specific details about the program here.

In the last part of the call, we open the call to any other questions you may have. A lot of participants take this time to ask any specific questions about how our products can help the unique challenges their business faces.

We can answer specific questions about Relationship Funnel, Respect-Based Marketing, and RF Accelerator.

At the end of the call, we’ll ask you to rate on a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to join the RF Accelerator. We also want to know what is holding you back from taking the leap. Knowing where you stand will help us better understand the current state of your business as well as business mindset.


If we have both decided that we are a good fit, then after the call we will send you a summary of everything we have discussed.

You can join as soon as you’re ready. We accept new members on a rolling basis. When you join, you’ll receive instant access to all of the resources and can join the next group consulting call, which happens every week. 

Haven’t booked your Wild Audience discovery call yet? Fill in the form and get your call scheduled today https://wildaudience.com/consulting/quiz/.