What is Respect-Based Marketing?

What is Respect-Based Marketing?


This is Bastian, CEO/Founder of Wild Audience, and today we’re going to talk about Respect-Based Marketing.

Respect-Based Marketing is the backbone of our RF Accelerator Program that often gets 6% conversion rates on products and brings in millions of dollars in revenue each year to businesses all around the world.

It is a uniquely powerful mechanism for converting high-ticket clients and is a fantastic way to approach scaling in a sustainable, smart fashion.

So what is Respect-Based Marketing?

Respect-Based Marketing is a method that combines smart segmentation with compelling storytelling to automate real relationships with prospects.

Not bad… right?

Respect-Based Marketing is a combination of six strategies that all work together to install every key belief prospects need to have before buying.

If you want to scale your high-ticket business this year (which I’m assuming you do), then there is no better way forward than Respect-Based Marketing.

And the best way to bring Respect-Based Marketing to your business is via a Relationship Funnel.

You can think of Respect-Based Marketing like a schema. It’s the big picture, the plan, the strategy. And Relationship Funnel is the engine — the absolute best system for taking advantage of everything Respect-Based Marketing has to offer.

This is what a Relationship Funnel looks like..

But more on that later 🙂

Here’s what we’re going to cover in this article today:

1. The six aspects that make up Respect-Based Marketing and why a Relationship Funnel is your best bet for deploying it in your business.

2. How that applies to our RF Accelerator Program.

3. A case study of Respect-Based Marketing in action.

But before we talk about the six tenets of Respect-Based Marketing, we need to talk about the anchor behind everything — belief.

Beliefs are everything

Let’s have a look at what stitches it all together.

The bones behind Respect-Based Marketing

The overarching strategy behind Respect-Based Marketing is belief installation, and Respect-Based Marketing is designed to install the exact beliefs your audience needs to buy.

In order to sell anything, your buyers have to have a set of critical beliefs.

Beliefs like expertise, authority, and trust.

They need to believe you are an authority on your subject.

They need to believe you and your product are trustworthy.  

They need to believe your product is valuable and priced appropriately.

They need to believe that your product is the best solution for their problem.


Without them, you’ll never sell a single thing 🙂

Your prospects will never accept the desire or need for your products.

Prospects will never pull out their credit cards unless they believe in you, in your product, and in your ability to deliver that product.

Think of it this way. Maybe when you were a kid you had an experience with a bad orange. Maybe it was super tart. Maybe you had brushed your teeth recently.  Maybe it was just old. Who knows.

Regardless, you had a bad experience.

So if in the future someone tried to sell you an orange, you’d probably pass.

And I don’t blame past you!  

But what would you need to do to convince yourself that oranges are actually delicious?

Doing away with false beliefs

First up is eliminating your false beliefs. You’d have to convince yourself that your previous experience was an anomaly, and that oranges are actually fantastic and healthy.

Then you’d use social proof of other people who had bad experiences with oranges but now love them, and every message would be designed to convince you to reevaluate your opinion on oranges.

This is a simplified example, but it’s really not that far off from the buying process.

Everyone has their own unique belief system about the world based on their own experiences. It’s how we decide between right and wrong.

But the thing is, those past experiences may or may not result in an accurate story or picture of the world.

Two people can have the same experience and take an entirely different belief from it.

And the best way to dispel false beliefs and install new beliefs in your prospects is through Respect-Based Marketing.

Now that we understand a bit more about beliefs, let’s talk about the first aspect of Respect-Based Marketing, attention.

Respect-Based Marketing: Attention

Just like GaryVee says, marketing is the business of attention.

Attention spans seem to be on a sliding scale toward zero.

Everyone is fighting for it, but grabbing someone’s  attention is only the first step.

Maintaining it is the hard part 🙂

So how do you actually keep someone’s attention?

By actually building a relationship with them.

Think of it like when you first start dating someone. Or when you find a new friend.

We can replicate the same experience of developing relationships in the offline world in the online world, but why haven’t marketers focused their efforts on building relationships?

It’s bizarre that online marketing has been so separated from an underlying truth that everyone knows: it’s the people you know and the relationships you have that bring success.

Why rely on snake oil marketing, interruption marketing, pushing sales on people, and ultimately sacrificing the integrity of a relationship when you can automate real relationships at scale by using smart engagement triggers and deep personalization in your funnels?

Why not let your customers raise their hands and tell you they’re ready to buy?

A genuine relationship will keep their attention, and that’s also what installs that critical belief of trust.

And this approach really works:

All of these results are through the adoption of Relationship Funnel and is proof of a relationship-first mindset.

Read all about Relationship Funnels here.

And now, let’s dig into the secret of how we make automation create authentic relationships — segmentation.

Respect-Based Marketing: Segmentation

The second cog of Respect-Based Marketing is segmentation.

This is where we divide your existing customer bases into as many meaningful segments as possible based on their responses.

This isn’t arbitrary — it’s based on real data from surveys and forms installed with software.

By challenging prospects to qualify themselves, you can increase your conversion rates while getting rid of people who waste your time. This will make your sales team more efficient and able to get more leads in less time.

Think of how many unqualified leads you talked to last year.

It may feel unnerving to add steps to your initial conversion process, but this works when paired with great content and a compelling lead magnet.

Surveying customers in this way also allows our clients to pitch the right products at the right time.

If you’re selling expensive consulting packages that cost $20k minimum, you shouldn’t be pitching your lower course or tripwire products to seven or eight figure businesses. On the flip side, your $20k pitch is going to fall flat when pitching to someone who only grosses $115k a year.

Knowing your audience and what their goals are both educates your sales process and provides data for future markets you could build products for.

If you notice an influx in wantrepreneurs when you’re hoping to find marketing managers working with larger companies, then you know you need to either adjust your marketing efforts or pitch them an appropriate product.

This an example of a form we built:

Notice how each question helps us learn more about the prospect?

By writing questions that get to the heart of why they found your company, you can increase the efficiency of your marketing and sales machines, resulting in more revenue and happier sales teams.

And the use of this segmentation is known as personalization.

You want to cater your conversation topics toward areas of mutual interest. For example, if you like to sail and so does your new friend or partner, then you’re naturally going to cater to them and find mutual ground.

The same principles apply to marketing.

We use this in our emails, our bot sequences, our ads, you name it — every bit of a Relationship Funnel is built with segmentation.

The questions we want to ask are based on who they are and where they want to be.

Questions like:

Where are they now (current situation)?

Where do they want to go next (desire)?

What is stopping them from getting there (problem)?

The goal of segmentation is to bridge the gap between problem and desire.

Then we ask other questions that help us qualify them for our business. Questions like revenue, type of product sold, etc. This helps us and our clients determine which products are most relevant to the product.

And then when we’re armed with these answers, we personalize.

Respect-Based Marketing: Personalization

Next up is personalization — or segmentation in use.

By personalizing all of your messaging and products to a particular persona, you reach them where they’re at and create a unique customer experience.

We cater journeys for our clients, from prospect to sale.

And personalization goes much further than “Hey, Bastian” at the top of the email.

That is personalization at its most basic 🙂

We personalize with ActiveCampaign and dynamic content to create high-converting sales funnels.

For context, here’s a picture of our lead tags for a particular prospect:

And here’s a video digging even more into that if you want to swim in the deep end for a bit 🙂

So you can tag people based on their segmentation answers and automate personalization.

You can build entire customer segments based on these tags.

You can even customize landing pages based on these personalization tags.

Want to discover what this level of personalization can do for your ROI? Go here

Every marketing message you send is specific to a prospect’s problem and addresses specific objection questions — that’s when Respect-Based Marketing really starts to take off.

But… I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

First, what happens when you’re that personal? Well… it increases your relevance 🙂

Respect-Based Marketing: Relevance

So if segmentation gives us the ability to personalize, what does personalization do for us?

Personalization allows us to be relevant.

It gives us the ability to be authentic, and authenticity is what fosters real relationships.

When executed correctly, your clients will feel like they know you. They’ll feel comforted by the fact that you know what problem they’re having and have an appropriate solution for it.

Your leads will feel heard, and that’s when your relationships with them start to grow automatically.

By engaging with the right people, with the right content, at the right time, you can develop bonds that last up to and well beyond a sale.

But being relevant only takes people so far… what businesses need is engagement.

Respect-Based Marketing: Engagement

Let’s say you’re a commercial real estate consultancy.

You may target large companies who are currently looking to expand an existing space or buy up new property, but that relevance is nothing without engagement.

And the key to getting the right leads to engage is through micro-investments of engagement.

We love installing micro investments with our RF Accelerator clients in their Relationship-Building Series or RBS for short.

This initial marketing funnel that ends in our first desired conversion event (typically a call or tripwire) is encouraged through email sequences that utilize key psychological and storytelling hooks (e.g. cliffhangers or challenges).

When executed correctly, a Respect-Based-Marketing RBS sequence can get prospects to actually look forward to and save your emails.

Like this:

Or this 🙂

Think about it. What emails (apart from personal ones) do you save? Forbes? The Wall Street Journal?

Imagine your business being those emails for prospects who have the means to buy your high-ticket product?

That’s the effect of the right RBS, and that’s what we shoot for with our clients.

How micro investments of engagement evolve into real relationships

The way we like to refer to back-and-forth feedback and engagement is relationship building.

By including opportunities to interact and perform “micro investments” of time, engagement, and sometimes money, we can further develop a meaningful relationship.

In every email we can include engagement hooks like open loops, frequency selectors, activation hooks, cliffhangers, and other storytelling techniques.

Maybe we ask a prospect to reply to receive a small bonus or to get an email instantly.

Or maybe we include funnels within funnels and get them to opt-in to a separate funnel via landing pages with additional information.

The more interactive your funnel is, the more opportunities your prospects will have to micro invest.

The goal is to get a prospect used to engaging — for interacting to become the nature of your relationship with them.

And then you take those engagements, track them with software (e.g. lead scoring in Wild Mail), and trigger conversion events once they hit certain thresholds.

Usually, our clients send a virtual sales letter that goes to a qualification quiz OR we send an evergreen webinar.

But by this point they’ve already micro-invested multiple times. Sometimes it only takes two weeks. Sometimes two hours. Sometimes a few months 🙂 But in the end, we know exactly what product to pitch and when.

Pretty awesome, if you ask me 🙂

And all of this combines to affect your ROI & Profits.  

Respect-Based Marketing: ROI & Profits

How many times have you said, “if we could just get them on the phone? That’s all we need.”

That’s the beauty of using a system like Relationship Funnel to install Respect-Based  Marketing — it even makes the CPAs you already rely on easier.

By the time prospects pick up the phone in a Relationship Funnel, they already understand your business and the way you think. They know why you do what you do.

All you have to do is continue the existing relationship that was built for you automatically 🙂

It almost goes without saying the power that automated relationships has on your ROI & Profits.

But the biggest thing it will do is increase your conversion rates.

And increasing your conversion rates from 1% to 3% or 3% to 6% can be the difference between six figures and seven figures. Between a lifestyle business and a business you can sell.

It all works together in the end

Step by step, we fold every principle of Respect-Based Marketing into every aspect of Relationship Funnel and RF Accelerator.

Understanding a new business and applying this model is what we do best, and to show you an example of that, we’re going to take a look at Justin Junier.

With Respect-Based-Marketing, we increased Justin’s visitor to sales conversion rate from 2% to 6%.

It was pretty wild 🙂  

Check it out.

How We Helped Our Client Increase His Sales Conversion Rate By 6X With Respect-Based Marketing

Now that you understand what Respect-Based-Marketing is, let’s walk through an example of how it works.

Remember that Respect-Based Marketing is the unique mechanism that automates relationships, and a Relationship Funnel is the best way to employ Respect-Based Marketing in your business.

Here’s that Relationship Funnel graphic again.

You can learn more about Relationship Funnels and how businesses use them to scale their revenue by reading this article.

How Justin Junier used Respect-Based Marketing to 6x his Conversion Rate

Justin runs a company called Superhero, based out of Holland.

They sell career coaching to young professionals who are looking to switch jobs or jump into entrepreneurship.

His flagship product is a coaching program combined with an online course that lasts between 3 and 4 months. By the end of the program, people walk away with a clear direction of what they want to do with their work lives.

Justin was making a profit, but his conversion rates were low, his leads weren’t where he wanted them to be, and he knew he could do better.

Justin signed up for Relationship Funnel, and after implementing the Respect-Based Marketing tactics things really started to change.

The Results

  1. Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR): 10,000 Euro (6-figure business)
  2. Sales Conversion Rate from 0.5% to 2.5%
  3. Lead CPA (acquisition cost) decreased from 2 Euros to 1 Euro
  4. CLV increased from 500 Euro to 900 Euro (an 80% increase!)
  5. New Client Case Studies published jumped from 1/month to 4/month

How cool is that?

What could you do with a 2% increase in conversion rates?

“If you really want to serve your customers in the right way, you need to have a great Relationship Funnel.” – Justin Junier

Justin had a classic sales funnel problem. Low conversion rates made ad spend skyrocket, and he wasn’t satisfied with his sales.

He was still pulling a profit, sure, but with some people getting between 6-8% conversion rates with Respect-Based Marketing, he knew he couldn’t reach his 7-figure sales goal without figuring out what was wrong with his funnel.

Justin’s Respect-Based Marketing Journey

The first thing Justin did was rewrite all of his copy and marketing messaging according to Respect-Based Marketing’s belief installation strategies. And then by following the Relationship Funnel template, he used questionnaires and personalized emails to segment his audience by the types of problems they had and why.

After switching over to the Relationship Funnel framework, people were even emailing him saying that they felt like he was inside their heads and were directly asking for his product.

Relationship Funnels outperform typical sales funnels because they focus on building a relationship with your audience.

The reason is a simple as that, although the implementation  can be a bit trickier 🙂

“It’s become less feeling like “I am the business” to feeling like “I’m working on the business”. My mindset has shifted more towards developing systems for my business whereas before I was more focused on directly operating my business.” – Justin Junier

Read the full Justin Junier case study

Should you invest in Respect-Based Marketing?

That depends.

We’re not here to sell you something you don’t need 🙂

But like Justin said…

If you’re a business that sells high-ticket services like consulting, training, or coaching and are stuck in 6-figure revenues but want to scale to 7-figures, then adopting Respect-Based Marketing and installing a Relationship Funnel into your business is your best bet to get there.

So it’s sort of understood with those profit metrics, but our RF Accelerator program where we help you install Respect-Based Marketing is best for people who already have proof of product market fit. In other words, your product works, you’ve got testimonials, and you know that once people buy, they’re satisfied. It’s the acquisition part that’s tripping you up.

Sounds like you?

Well then this is exactly what RF Accelerator can help you do:

  • Solve your customer acquisition problems.
  • Get your marketing funnels and sales processes ready for scaling.
  • Help you find identify qualified leads and remove bad leads.
  • Increase your conversion rates.
  • Help you identify your actual CPAs and KPIs.
  • Provide a more personalized sales experience and customer journey by using advanced automation techniques.

Ready to automate relationships and solve customers acquisition at profit and scale?

Let’s go

Who else is using Respect-Based Marketing?

Hundreds of successful businesses have used Relationship Funnels to grow their business.

Here are some of our results:

  • Mirna invested $1300 into ads and generated $9,000 back within 30 days of running her very first Relationship Funnel. She’s on target now to hit 7-figures soon.

  • Joe generates now more than 1 million euro in revenue every single year with his Relationship Funnel. Here you see his current month’s sales pipeline of 310,000 Euros.

  • Niklas who is currently buying sales calls for 300 Euros through PPC campaigns and is converting 2 in 3 calls to meet with him personally to close 300,000 Euro deals.
  • Mubaid, who is getting a 9-10% sales funnel conversion rate.
  • Adam who is getting an impressive 28% click-rate from his sales emails to his sales page and in total converts 3.44% of his leads into paying clients.

Need more proof?

Check out our love page for a whole wall of people changing their businesses with Respect-Based Marketing.  

Ready to solve your customer acquisition problem and finally rely on your sales funnel?

Respect-based Marketing and Relationship Funnels are proven to work and were created by us to help businesses like yours scale high-ticket services.


Ultimately it’s up to you 🙂

We know this system works — we live and breathe it, and every day we see it working.

Do you want to wake up six months from now still not understanding why your ROAS is so low from ads?

Do you want to wake up to a calendar like this?

Then Respect-Based Marketing is exactly what you need, and there’s no better way to implement Respect-Based Marketing then by working alongside our RF Accelerator team to install a Relationship Funnel into your business.

Relationship Funnel Accelerator is our done-with-you 90 day program to ensure your success and solve your customer acquisition problem.

Are you ready to scale your business to 7-figures?

Click this link to learn more about Relationship Funnel Accelerator and see if you’re a good fit.