What systems will my business have in place after 10 weeks of Wild Audience’s Accelerator program?

What systems will my business have in place after 10 weeks of Wild Audience’s Accelerator program?

Owning a business might seem like the golden key to a lifetime of freedom. But a lot of entrepreneurs quickly realize that, while they love having their own business, they are tied down to it.

So instead of finding the freedom they’re looking for, they get stuck managing the day-to-day of the business, and lose sight of their bigger goals.

To avoid getting stuck RUNNING your business forever, you need to prioritize GROWING that business. That’s why we believe in the power of systems.

Implementing systems that automate aspects of your business like lead generation, audience building, and sales, helps your business grow. And it will continue to grow even if you step away.

A lot of consulting programs make big promises around the short-term results you’ll see after completing a program. Results like an increase in revenue, conversions or ROI.  

Now, don’t get us wrong. Short-term results are great! We love seeing our clients get almost immediate results like this: 

But we want to bridge the gap between quick wins, and long-term growth for your business. 

That’s where Wild Audience’s Accelerator program comes in. 

With our Accelerator program, you’ll still see results, sometimes as soon as a few weeks in. But more importantly, you’ll implement systems that will continue to build authentic relationships and grow your business for years

In this article, we’ll break down the exact systems that you’ll have in place after ten weeks in our Accelerator program. Systems that will make you feel like this: 

Are you ready to have fun running your business again?

If you’re unfamiliar with Wild Audience’s Accelerator, it’s a 10-week, done with you consulting service that helps you implement a marketing automation system to build authentic relationships with your audience and grow your business.

Wild Audience’s Accelerator works by building a Relationship Funnel that engages your audience and by building trust and respect.

Relationship Funnel uses Respect-Based Marketing to systematize the way you attract, nurture, and convert leads.

You’ll create a targeted email funnel system that will make sure your audience knows exactly what you offer and how you can help.

Your Relationship Funnel will look a little bit like this:

Relationship Funnel is the key to automating your customer acquisition strategy. More on that later.

Every Relationship Funnel is built using Respect Based Marketing.

Respect Based Marketing strategies are what gets your audience to trust you and your product. Rather than bombarding them with scarcity marketing tactics and limited time promotions, Respect Based Marketing focuses on building continued trust until they’re ready to buy. 

Using Relationship Funnel and Respect Based Marketing as foundations, you’ll be able to implement systems that will help your business grow long-term. 

Now, let’s walk through the systems that you’ll be building with Wild Audience’s Accelerator. The first system will help you understand Respect-Based Marketing a little bit better.

Strategy System

A strong strategy is required before implementing Relationship Funnel.

That’s why the first system we’ll work on is the strategy system. 

The basis of your entire sales funnel relies on your strategy. The strategy you develop during our Accelerator program will help you determine your exact business model and customer avatar.

We will also work on helping you identify your company’s core belief system through the use of Respect Based Marketing strategies.

This graphic illustrates what goes into a Respect Based Marketing campaign that builds trust with your audience.

This RBM belief system is what you’ll use to get leads on board with your core offer, and how you’ll move them through the value ladder.

When your leads are on board before you start to sell, you’ll never have to resort to scarcity tactics to pressure them into buying. They will be happy to pay because they trust you. 

They might even send you messages like this: 

After solidifying your strategy, we’ll determine your positioning and identify your business’s unique mechanism to better tailor your messaging.

Email Funnel Flow

The next step is systematizing your email funnel flow by creating a well-targeted lead magnet. 

A high-quality lead magnet will attract the right people and begin the process of building trust between you and your audience.

Here’s an example of a lead magnet we use to attract targeted leads into our Relationship Funnel.

Once a lead is in your email funnel system, we’ll start building a relationship while installing the buying beliefs that we created in your strategy system.

This system involves creating landing pages and sign up confirmation pages to push leads further into your funnel.

We’ll also work on lead segmentation by creating lead magnets that apply to different segments of your audience. Your lead segmentation system could look something like this:

To distribute these lead magnets, and continue to nurture your relationship with our leads, we’ll create email automation sequences with Wild Mail. These automations will keep you top-of-mind with your audience and strengthen the trust between you and them.

Depending on how many lead segments you have, these automations can get very intricate. You’ll be sending leads down various paths to make sure they’re getting information that applies to them.

Here’s an example of what your automations could look like within our email marketing and automation software Wild Mail:

In this system, we’ll also implement a RBS structure, set up high-converting sales pages (like this one), and systematize your upsell funnel to fit within your automations.

Next, you’ll need a reliable PPC system to ensure your email funnel stays full of highly targeted leads.

PPC Lead Gen System

Developing this lead gen system involves targeting your ideal clients on the platforms they’re most active on. We’ll use the customer avatar we determined when building your strategy system to figure out where your customers are, and the best way to target them.

Then we’ll draw them in with outstanding ad copy and hooks. We’ll give you the tools to create copy that makes them stop scrolling and start reading. 

You’ll create ads like this Facebook Ad that’s attracted hundreds of people to Wild Audience’s email funnel.

With the right PPC lead gen structure in place, you’ll be able to acquire the right leads that convert. Just look at Justin’s results from the PPC system he implemented in his Relationship Funnel. 

But the results don’t stop there. Once your ads receive enough engagement, we’ll continue to engage with people who have yet to convert. If anyone has made that initial engagement, or viewed your ad, we’ll retarget them with a robust PPC retargeting system.

PPC Retargeting System

This system is all about retargeting audiences who already know who you are. This means they’ve seen your ads, read your blog posts, listened to your podcasts, and have a bit of background on your company and offer.

PPC retargeting is an affordable way to draw warm leads back into your funnel and remind them of your offer.

Just like with the PPC lead gen system, this system will use high-quality copywriting and hooks to target people who have already shown interest in your offer.

Our client Olly implemented a Facebook Ad retargeting structure that improved his front-end conversions and resulted in a 30% increase in segmented leads. You can read more about how our systems helped Olly scale his business and increase his annual revenue by 25%, here

An effective retargeting system is crucial to staying top of mind with your audience and reminding them why they were interested in you in the first place.

Inside Sales System

What good is acquiring qualified leads, who are ready to buy, if you can’t convert them into paying customers? Once you’ve acquired leads, we’ll help you put processes in place to systemize how you close those leads.

Your lead gen system and the retargeting system will do a lot of the work at building trust with your audience. But it’s still important to finish strong with an air-tight systematized sales process that will work over and over again.

We will set you up with sales training, high-performing sales scripts, VSL’s and templates for evergreen webinars.

We know these systems work because they’re the same systems that have allowed us to grow Wild Audience into a multi-six figure business.

We’ve also seen them work over and over again with our clients. 

Clients Fabian who closed 6 out of 7 of his sales calls after using our templates and scripts. 

And Landon, who closed over $6k in 6 weeks without having to use any hard sales strategies. Instead, he made sales based on connections he built with his audience through his Relationship Funnel. 

We’ll even show you how we run our own Accelerator program sales calls, which we call Discovery Calls

With these inside email marketing systems, you’ll be able to increase conversion rates with a strong sales script. These scripts will present your offer to leads in a way that they can’t turn down.

ROI Tracking System

The last system you’ll implement is going to help you track your entire funnel flow. The ROI tracking system will help you identify where you’re receiving the most ROI, and where there are gaps in the funnel system as a whole.

Once you have an ROI tracking system in place and know your conversion rates and costs, you can start to scale with predictability.

You’ll be able to read the results and analyze them to see what’s working and what isn’t.

Even if you think you’ve been tracking your ROI, it can be difficult to know if you’re actually reading this numbers correctly.

While in Wild Audience’s Accelerator program, you’ll be able to talk through your current ROI with our experts. They can give you an outside perspective on ways to improve it, and identify gaps in your tracking.

After a few months of successfully tracking your ROI, you’ll know how much it costs to acquire a lead, how much it costs to book a sales conversation, and how much it costs to acquire customers.

Implementing an ROI tracking system will make your lead generation costs more predictable.

For example, if you spend $1,700 on advertising, and get 1700 leads, and 121 of those leads schedule discovery calls, you know that each of those scheduled calls will cost you $14. 

When you have a robust tracking system in place, then you’ll also know that on average you close every 3rd discovery call. From this information, you can confidently say that each customer you close cost $42 to acquire.

This will allow you to better track the ROI on your Facebook ads (like in the graphic below) and other PPC campaigns and help trace them back to overall business growth.

When you have this information, it makes it easier to know where to invest your money. You’ll have a better idea of how much you can spend on marketing and sales while still receiving a return on your investment.


The right systems can completely change how you operate your business.

It gives you the freedom to pursue other things in your life, besides making sales calls, and finding leads. 

With the systems you put into place during Wild Audience’s Accelerator program you’ll have leads coming in on autopilot, like this:

And your sales calendar will look a little bit like this: 

Not only will you see new leads regularly, but they will be the right leads. 

And when the right leads go through your funnel, and your build that relationship along the way, you’ll know they’re ready to buy, once the time comes. 

When you have systems in place that nurtures your audience into warm leads, your conversion rates will be higher, like Mike’s. 

And closing sales will become second nature, like it did for Mirna. 

When you don’t have to worry about where your sales are coming from, you’ll be able to focus on big-picture growth and the things that really matter to you.

So, are you ready to implement systems that allow you to automate the process, build authentic relationships and grow your business?

To have these systems in place in just 10 weeks, and win back your time as an entrepreneur, learn more about Wild Audience’s Accelerator program and find out if you’re a fit here.