Who should invest in Wild Audience’s Accelerator program? What’s the ideal business to join our Accelerator?

Who should invest in Wild Audience’s Accelerator program? What’s the ideal business to join our Accelerator?

Wild Audience’s Accelerator is a growth accelerator for high-ticket businesses that want to scale their business to 7-figures with Wild Mail’s proven client acquisition system.

We help our clients build Relationship Funnels with Wild Mail so they remove themselves from the process and let their businesses run on autopilot. This gives them more time to work on growing the business, rather than working in the business. 

A Relationship Funnel focuses on the importance of building trust with your audience and installing buying beliefs before you sell through Respect Based Marketing

Wild Audience’s Accelerator isn’t just another online course promising massive results. It’s an intensive program that gives you the tools and implementation strategies to set up your business to acquire customers at profit and scale. 

What you learn in our Accelerator program will compound as your business grows and will continue to yield you results long term. 

Check out all the love and awesome testimonials we have received from happy clients (www.wildaudience.com/love)

Now let’s explore if this program is a good fit for you. These questions will help you find out of WA’s Accelerator is right for your business. 

Are You A High-Ticket Business?

Our client ‘sweet spot’ is business who hit the six figure mark, but still haven’t built a funnel to automate their sales process. 

Here are just a few of the companies we’ve worked with. 

Do You Have A 6-Figure Annual Run Rate?

Even if your business is already earning 6-figures, it can be difficult to increase your revenue to the next level. 

Our clients have reached 6-figures and now their challenge lies in how to acquire customers at profit and scale. We solve this by implementing processes that build relationships with their audience and increase their customer lifetime value. 

Do you already have a successful client case study? 

A robust, well-constructed case study proves that you have generated results for one of your clients and that you have an offer that people are already willing to invest in. 

We believe in the power of case studies so much that we’ve produced quite a few of our own. Here’s one example of a Wild Audience client case study where our client increased his CLV from 500 Euros to 900 Euros. 

Do you want a great example of our perfect client? 

We talk a lot about who we consider “perfect” clients for our Accelerator program. 

But the concept of a perfect client may seem a bit abstract. So we’re going to break down some examples of business owners who personify our vision of the ideal fit for our Accelerator. 

Meet Raphael: 42, CEO of PreApps Consulting 

Raphael worked at an app agency in Miami for 4 years as part of their product team doing user research and writing technical specs for the developers to help build awesome apps.

After two years, he made the switch over to their marketing team to help the company grow its number of app downloads. His technical experience from his previous role came in handy as he had to search for creative ways to get more people to download a client’s app. 

With two years of marketing team experience under his belt, he made the decision to start his own consulting agency by applying what he had learned over the last 4 years.

He founded his business, PreApps Consulting and acquired his first few clients through his personal network. Those clients had a great experience with Raphael which led to more referrals. 

Pretty soon he was able to create great case studies based on his client’s success. One of his client’s apps got downloaded 2 million times in 6 months! Those numbers speak for themselves. 

Now, he’s working with Neil Patel to improve his content marketing strategy and blog and has a few other consultants and coaches in his life to optimize his performance and happiness. 

His consulting business is already generating around $40k per month, and his clients pay him 5k a month. Up until this point, the majority of his leads came from his network, referrals, review pages on Google or from his content marketing efforts. 

Now he’s ready to systemize his customer acquisition and build out a Relationship Funnel that allows him to acquire customers at profit and scale systematically. His goal is to grow from 6 to 7-figures by generating another $100k per month in the next 6-12 months. 

Do you want to do what Raphael is doing? 

Do You Want To Grow Your Business From 6-figures to 7-figures?

If you are currently earning an average of 6-figures, your next natural step is to take your business to the next level and become a 7-figure earner. 

We want to help you take that leap with access to our exclusive Accelerator program, as well as weekly group consulting calls to help you fine-tune your strategies and course correct along the way. 

Just see how we helped Justin increase his sales conversion by 6X. He’s now on track to hit 7-figures. 

Read his full case study here.

Do you need a consistent stream of leads?

We’re not talking about hundreds of average leads. We mean strong, relevant prospects who align with your ideal customer avatar. 

When you have the right systems in place, you’ll never have to worry about where your next qualified leads are coming from because you’ll know that you are running campaigns that are targeting your ideal clients, 24/7. 

Implementing a Relationship Funnel with Wild Mail is the first step to generating new leads on autopilot. 

Do you want a booked out sales calendar?

There’s no better way to describe seeing your business grow on autopilot than waking up to booked sales calls. 

After our Accelerator program, your sales calendar will quickly fill up with people who like your offer and are ready to buy. It’ll look something like this: 

Not only will your calendar be booked, but you’ll also have the tools, training and sales scripts ready to turn these calls into paying customers. 

Do you want to acquire customers at profit and scale?

With an automated funnel that is helping you acquire customers at profit, the possibilities are endless!

When you automate these processes, it allows you to drive as much traffic as you want into your funnel and continuously see predictable results. This gives you time and freedom to scale your business more rapidly. 

See how one of our latest Accelerator client found success by automating his funnel and tweaking his offer strategy. 

So…are you ready to invest in business growth? If so, click here to see if our Accelerator is right for you. 

Still not convinced? Keep reading. 

Do you value strong relationships?

Above all else, we believe in the value of building long lasting and authentic relationships with clients through Respect Based Marketing

Wild Audience’s Accelerator is all about providing value and building trust with your audience so that you get emails like this:

Respect Based Marketing is what fuels Relationship Funnel, and what helps you build relationships with your audience on autopilot. Your audience will actually want to read your emails from start to finish because it speaks directly to them and helps them solve their problems. 

That’s how we’ve acquired so many of our RF clients, like Filipe. 

The processes you’ll learn in our Accelerator will create a system for sustainable growth that will follow you throughout the life of your business. 

Do you want long term sustainable growth?

Relationship Funnel is an evergreen funnel. For it to work, you don’t need to run short-term promotions, sales, or use fake scarcity tactics to get customers to buy. 

With Wild Mail, your funnel will run on its own, day and night, helping to nurture relationships, install buying beliefs in your audience, and fill your sales calendar. 

After the first few weeks, you’ll have a solid idea of the results you’re going to achieve and you can scale your efforts by driving more traffic to your funnel with Facebook ads and PPC campaigns. 

It’s time to look at another perfect Accelerator client…Meet Benji from Growth Machine

Benji started his first blog while still attending University. He wrote a few articles on random topics like water fasting, sex, and online marketing. Through the process, he learned quite a bit about SEO and content marketing. 

He gained some traction on the blog and the skills he learned led to two offers to work at Zapier and AppSumo. He worked with the companies for 1.5 years combined before deciding to start his own consulting business. 

After a few different side projects, he doubled-down on his efforts and formed a content marketing agency called Growth Machine. He used what he learned from his two jobs plus and his own blog to form and grow his own agency. 

He was able to grow his monthly revenue to $85,000 in 7 months by charging clients around $10,000/month for a 3 months contract (so 30k in total).

Benji still maintains his own blog, appears on podcasts and sends out a basic weekly newsletter using MailChimp to his subscribers. 

He knows that he could achieve more if he took the time to build a proper email automation sequence to strategically drive subscribers to a book call and stay in touch with him. 

His company has enough cash banked that he now recognizes that his most valuable asset is his time. So he wants to work with an expert to get results as fast as possible. 

Benji is quite happy with his current $85k a month but knows that by having stronger follow-ups with his subscribers, he can convert long-term ROI. 

He is also looking to transform his day-to-day, and win back his time. 

Do you want transformation rather than information?

Does it feel like your business has stagnated? At one point or another, most businesses hit a plateau with growth. It’s normal. To get past this stagnation, some businesses consider taking an online course to help generate more results. 

An online course can provide you with information but when you are at this stage in your business you need to work with people who can understand the unique challenges your business faces. That’s the only way you’ll experience real change and transformation. 

This is where consulting comes in. You need to work with experts who can answer your specific questions, provide accountability and help you achieve real results. 

The right kind of consulting will truly transform your business and help you achieve the growth you’ve been striving for. 

It’s the only way you can start getting conversion rates like Mubaid who achieved a 10% sales funnel conversion rate for cold traffic with Relationship Funnel.  

Do you want results in 90 days?

If you’ve hit a plateau with growth and don’t know what your next move should be, it’s time to start scaling your business to 7-figures with Wild Mail’s proven client acquisition system. 

You will receive lifetime access to our Accelerator as well as access to weekly group consulting calls that will give you the support you need to implement everything you learn. 

We’ll be honest; if you don’t take the leap, nothing bad will happen. But in 9 months your business will still be in the same place, not increasing your profit any further. 

You could spend 1000 to 2000 hours (6-12 months) trying to figure it out yourself. But even then you’ll still need to figure out how to make your funnel profitable. That’s the hardest part! Can you afford to spend 6 months building something that might not work?

Your time is non-renewable. It will cost you more to figure this out yourself than to invest in the tools that will get you results in 90 days or less. 

Three months into our program is all it takes to build an evergreen, automated funnel that will pay for itself. 

Just look at the results that Adam got after only 4 weeks after implementing his Relationship Funnel! 

With these kinds of results, there’s no limit to what you can do when you have the time to focus on what you do best within your business. You’ll have the freedom and peace of mind to spend time with your family, friends and do what you enjoy while watching your sales come in on autopilot. 


So should you invest into WA’s Accelerator? Here’s what it comes down to: 

  • You have a 6 figure business.
  • You have at least one client success case study.
  • You’re ready to scale your business to 7-figures with Wild Mail’s proven client acquisition system.

If these three bullets describe you then the answer is YES. It’s time for you to invest in our Accelerator. 

You don’t have to buy it now. It is your choice after all. But think about where you want your business to be in 9 months. Do you want it to be in the same place it’s in right now? Or do you want to experience the growth you’ve always dreamed of. 

Big change can’t happen unless you take a leap of faith and invest in yourself and your business. 

Learn more about our Accelerator program, and find out if you are a fit by clicking here