The 4-Step Email Marketing
Strategy To Automate Your Sales

A PDF workbook on how to build an email marketing funnel

Wild Audience published a workbook for business owners to master email marketing and sales automation.

1. Designing Your Sales Funnel Based On "Funnel Stages Model"

2. Automating Relationship Building Through Wild Mail (Templates)

3. Best Way To Segment New Leads With Wild Mail

4. How To Track Lead Behaviour & Readiness Automatically

5. How We Use Engagement Hooks To Get Click Rates Of +24%​​

Frank Den Blanken

"700€ ad spent. 14 customers closed à 2k€. Backend funnel closed 20k€. That's ROAS 68!"

Niklas Volland

"43 people went through my funnel. 3 of them booked a sales call. That's 7%!!"

Ryan Deiss

"I became a Wild Audience client to train my team and serve our clients better"

David Kewal

"The sales experience was awesome. I wanted to implement the same thing for my business"

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