Email Marketing

Put the right emails in front of the right people

Put the right emails in front of the right people

No credit card required

Send exactly what your contacts
want to see

What happens when you need to send different messages to different audiences? Segmentation and dynamic content make it easy to customize your message and send targeted emails to exactly the right contact.

Email marketing that is
personalized and personal

Email marketing that is personalized and personal

Personalize your emails based on any contact information you have. When you send exactly what your contacts want to see, your emails feel personal. And more people engage with your emails.

Send beautiful emails with just a few clicks..

Send beautiful emails with just
a few clicks..

You don’t need to be a tech wizard to send emails. Our drag-and-drop email designer lets you set up beautiful campaigns in minutes.

What types of email should you send?

You should be able to send the email campaigns that make sense for your business. That’s why we gave you as much control over your email as possible

Broadcast emails

Sometimes you need to talk to everyone at once. Send one-time email campaigns to anyone on your list.

Triggered Emails

Trigger emails based on purchase, site visits or engagement. Automatically send emails when your contacts are most interested.

Targeted Emails

Make sure the right message gets to the right person. Group your audience into segments based on almost any factor.

Email autoresponders

Get in touch right away. Send welcome emails, start a welcome series, or deliver lead magnets automatically.

Email Funnels

Sell more with email. Set up email automation that turns your contacts from interested leads to paying customers.

Scheduled Emails

Schedule emails for a specific date and time. Perfect for events, holidays, birthdays, and sales teams.

Find what works, then test to find
what works better

Reporting helps you see which emails are performing and which ones could use work. Then, you can use simple split testing to make your emails get more opens, clicks, and buys.

Start sending beautiful emails right now

No credit card required

And it doesn't stop at email marketing...

Attribution Reporting

Find out what's working and what's not. Dig into your data to find opportunities to grow.

Sales Funnel Templates

Use our free done-for-you sales funnel automation templates. Install with 1-click.


Wild Mail plays well with your favorite software. 250+ integrations.

Sales CRM

Our CRM with email & sales automation keeps all your customer data organized.

Deal Pipeline

Create your sales pipeline and track your deals. Always know who is about to close.

Lead Scoring

Automatically give points for user behaviour and track when a lead is sales ready.

Tech Support

Feeling stuck? We respond immediately and help with technical questions.

Migration Service

We'll help you move everything from your current software for free. Yup, free.

Free Training

You get access to our 20-lesson video course to get started immediately.

GDPR Proof

We fully comply with GDPR. It means your data and your customer's data is secure.

Europe Based

We are based in Europe. We understand your culture and speak your language.


You can start with a free 14-day trial account. Paid accounts start at 8€/month.

You are about to enter a world you never thought was even possible to create..
© 2020 | Wild Audience S.L.

You are about to enter a world you never thought was even possible to create..
© 2020 | Wild Audience S.L.

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